For the last coupla weeks over at And Everything Else Too there has been a whole bunch of Barbie hysteria.  I’m pretty sure the hysteria was mostly on my end – but I also like to think I’m not the only one who was screaming and crying and pulling their hair out over that Ken clown mask.

I mean come on!!!!

And in the midst of all the hysterical hair pulling and whatnot, I remembered that I had scanned some doll clothes patterns out of an old 1971 McCall’s craft magazine a while ago.  This mag, to be precise.

And with the urging of one Amanda by Night over at Made for TV Mayhem, who’s mind was, in fact, blown by one of MY doll clothes images, I decided to post the whole bunch of them here to insure further hysteria and blowing of minds for anyone interested.

One of the really great things about these doll clothes patterns is that the whole article is actually a how to knit and crochet article that uses the doll clothes to help you learn.  Nifty!!  So you can print all these pages out and teach yourself how to knit and crochet!  Doll Clothes style!!

As always, hit command-click to enlarge the pics in another window (for macs – I only know mac stuff these days).

That guy’s got a little big of a Dougie Houser thing going on if you ask me.

And I also happened to notice a bunch of groovy ads from this mag that I had scanned too.  Sorry about some of them being slightly cut off at the bottom or the top.  This is an oversized mag that didn’t totally fit on my scanner.

Anyway – dig these groovy crafty ads!!

There’s a whole freaking institute!  Who knew?

Paging Dr….Doll Doctor…er somethin’…

I didn’t realize a pattern was required for macaroni art.

Super snazzy!!