Once a year, for every year for as long as I can remember…basically last year…I have requested as my birthday present from you – my faithful, googley-eyed with undying love for me reader – that you all dance the day away to the music of my choosing.  And this year is no different.  Last year I babbled on for a long time – so today I will make this as short as is humanly possible for a babbler like me.  

I will list the tracks and the special spot on this earth where I found each track – Yay!!  But I’m not going to link to most of them (boo!!) and here’s why…

Sadly some of the download links (or ENTIRE BLOGS) are now defunct (the funk was sucked out!!!!!!) and you can no longer get the groovy tracks from those special spots (my very own special mixes have been thoughtfully deleted by my beloved Mediafire so I may have to move on in the future – wah!).  So get this mother flipping birthday go-go mix while you can!!!!!  It might not even last an hour.  Who knows.  Oh, and the tracks may not appear in this order when you put it in your music playing thing btw.  I don’t know why.

So here it is!!!  What you’ve been waiting all year for!!!  Birthday go-go mix #2!!!

Meet Me at the Ho Ho A-Go-Go!!!

1. $10,000 Pyramid Theme Song – Funky Frolic
2.  Block Buster by Johnny Pearson – Retro Teque
3.  Supercharger by P. Milray – Retro Teque
4.  Eurocrime! by Calibro 35 – Funky Frolic
5. Blues Cinetique – Funky Frolic
6.  Atomic Butterfly by Barry Stoller – Retro Teque
7. Fat Poppadaddy by Quincy Jones – Funky Frolic
8.  Magpie Theme – Cottage of Electric Hell
9.  Chariots of the Gods by The Peter Thomas Sound Orch – Funky Frolic
10. Ace of Wands Theme – Cottage of Electric Hell
11. Cartoon Funk – Frayker’s Revenge
12. Just Like That by Brass Incorporated – Cosmo Bells
13. The Bean Stalker – Funky Frolic
14. Teenage Carnival by Keith Mansfield – Retro Teque
15. Drummer Man by The Brady Bunch – Retro Teque
16. Opus Africa – Smutshake Cupcake
17. Get Away From the Everyday – Blue Beat in My Soul
18. I’m a Train by Helmuth Brandenburg Orch – Library Music Rarities
19. Theme From Mission Magic – 🙂
20. Theme From Captain Future by Christian Bruhn – Funky Frolic
21. Drug by Vampires Sound Incorporation
22. Omae Ni Muchu Sa – Holy Warbles
23. Inside, Outside, Upside Down by Josie and The Pussycats
24. I’ll Feel Amazing By Tomorrow by Lenlow

And if you want to know what all this might sound like try and imagine what a little pig tailed cartoon chick would want to dance to.  Or listen to this…

Sound good?  I thought so!!!!!!

So HERE it is! (and for anyone who downloaded the zip file that had my idiotic blog post notes in it i apologize for any pain and suffering my supreme überdweebness caused you.  i need an idiot warning page for this blog as well as an adult warning 🙂 )

Now go go-go!!!!

And if you don’t want to dance all day long you can also listen to this music while your driving around.  That’s fun too!  But I’m dancin!!

And once again I want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who brought all this amazing music into my world this year.  You have no idea how happy it has made me.