Which means not really.

What I’ve got for you is this blow-up duck, some epic goddamn toenails and a mummybunny.  Fancy!!

I was looking for some olde timey Easter pics of little CPC but couldn’t freaking find them!  But I did find this story picture series of little CPC and blow-up Donald Duck – for your Easter-style viewing pleasure.  And do I emphasize the word pleasure.   Up there we see the beginning of the Easter story where little CPC is hanging loose with DD.  Right on!

Then we see little CPC setting DD up at a desk with some homework of some sort.  Isn’t that thoughtful??

Next we see CPC making a sneaky getaway on her trike!!  Leaving DD at the desk to do the homework!

And that’s the story of Easter.

Next up!!!  The Epic Easter Pedicure!

Man this was a freaking pain in the ass!  But worth it, I think.  Just for the snazz factor alone.

Here’s an action shot first…

Action packed!

And here is the final product.  Pink and super bright green stripy big toes and pink flowers on super bright green toes!  Yay!!!

Ok.  Happy Easter!

Mummy and Mummy Bunny