A while back, oh around Xmastime, I posted some Xmas “seals.”  That is the name of these stickers that were big back in the 70s when I was a kid.  They came in little stapled together books – and each sheet in the book had 6 different stickers on it.

Back then I mentioned that I had seals for pretty much every occasion (even graduation day – which I freaking do!  ha HA! but I’ll save those for later!) and here are the St. Patrick’s Day seals for you to print out onto sticky paper and stick all over the place.  Or you could use the images in a card even!

Here is the cover of the little book of seals…

and here is the sheet – sadly with one of them missing.

But wait!  What’s this?  I found a little leprechaun running around in my sticker envelope and it just happens to be the one that was supposed to be in that sheet!!!


And I also have this little foil clover sticker!

AND I have this really cute little sticker with a lion who is with his little bear friend and is holding a clover too!!

Cute!!  That sticker actually came from this Japanese sticker pack for a character named Cheerful Lion. I’m not familiar with Cheerful Lion in any other format than these stickers – but he sure is cute!

This happy is a secret for you and me.  Never forget that!

One last thing I’ll leave you with today is a link to a really great music blog.  If you like olde timey Irish music, or think you might want to check it out, you should head over here where you can download a whole bunch of really cool music.  

The original blog, Ceol Alainn, is where I originally downloaded the music and is where all of the information about the artists is located.  I haven’t downloaded anything from the new link so I don’t know what it looks or sounds like but I am so happy that it was moved and is still available for people who want to hear this amazing old music.  My personal favorite is Michael Dwyer – Traditional Music of Ireland on the Tin Whistle.  It’s so incredibly simple and cute and makes me really happy!  
Here is a video of Mary Bergin playing the tin whistle.  I tried to stick a Michael Dwyer video in here but embedding was disabled – so you can check out Mary!  The tin whistle tunes on the Michael Dwyer album are all accompanied by a piano and are a little more cute and lilting – so they sound a little different – but you can get an idea here.  
So have a great St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow with stickers and music!  Yay!!!