A little while ago I was made painfully aware of this recipe to make this….

This image in no way resembles anything you will see later in this blog post.

And being the person you very well know that I am, I had to make it.


And this is my story….

I first went and got the recipe from that link I posted up there.  If you wanna make these you’re gonna have to do the same cause I’m not posting the whole thing here.

So, I started out NOT following the dude’s directions, of course.  When the hell have you ever seen me actually following directions?  He said to cut the oreos in half, leaving the filling on one half, and I’m all “Cut???  All you have to do is twist, dude!”  But, sadly, I was wrong.  After 3 good ones and 3 where the filling broke in half and part of it was on one cookie and part was on the other cookie I decide to schlep the 5 feet to my knife drawer and get a freaking knife.  Sheesh!  So, basically the cutting works really good.  I didn’t take a pic of that part – but he did, so you can check it out over there if you want to see some cutting in half action.  In the meantime I melted the choc with the butter (yes, butter.  don’t gasp or cry – it’s actually really good that way!!!!!!!!!!!) and unwrapped the peanut butter cups and stacked them all together…

and started to dip.  Here is where my Choc Dipped Peanut Butter Cup Stuffed Oreos experience and his kinda part ways.  He claims that one “dips” the oreo stacked peanut butter cup into the chocolate, but really what happened was this…

There was no dipping.  Only glopping and spreading and smooshing and some licking and then some tossing (to get the gooped up thing out of my gooped up hand) and then some smoothing over.

I commenced with the glopping and smoothing (and licking!) and came up with this.

8 very thickly coated treats – and quite a bit of glop left over…which leads me to the second leg of my evenings adventures!!!!

See, my sister happened to be over and she totally missed out on the whole Fritos Chocolate Crunchies action, and she wanted me to make those too – so alls I did was melt more chocolate in the same bowl and throw in the Fritos and wa-la!  A whole bunch more chocolate covered insanity!

Here are the oreos when they came out of the fridge…

Not a whole lot of resemblance to the perfect little pic up yonder.  Heh.  Whatever – mine have like TWICE as thick of a chocolate coating as that dude’s!  Which makes me wonder why I still had a bunch left over and he didn’t.  Hmmmm.

And here is one of them cut open on a plate with a Fritos Chocolate Crunchie.  Dinner!!

And here is a super close-up, for those of you who like to really see what’s going on in there, like me.

So, basically you can only eat like a quarter of one of these at a time without going into convulsions – but who cares!!!

I’m ok with that.