It’s been a while since I’ve done a food post here in my realm and today is every junk food lovers lucky day!!  Yay!!

Today I am going to give you all a heads up on one of the most up and coming taste and texture sensations of the last 50 years.  If it hasn’t already come and gone, that is.  I mean, maybe it came and went a while ago and I wasn’t paying attention or something – cause I seriously find it hard to believe that these things are not on every xmas cookie gift plate of the xmas celebrating regions across the globe.

And what are you talking about, lady…you ask?  I’m talking about theeese…

Two words.  Fritos.  Chocolate.  You get the picture?

I stumbled across the recipe for these babies at this crazy blog over here in this incredibly cute Fritos Party Games Booklet from 1960, and immediately decided that I was going to make it as immediately as possible.

Here is the page from the booklet with the recipe (and I highly recommend you go over to And Everything Else Too and look at the rest of it – esp the incredibly cute cover)…

So, as you can see there’s really not much too it.  Crush Fritos.  Melt Chocolate.  Mix.  Spoon.  Chill.  Eat.  Drink Milk.  Etc.  
And here’s what all that looks like…
I crushed the Fritos right in the bag by rolling a jar over the bag.  Then I poured them into a measuring cup and simultaneously melted a half a bag of chocolate chips in the microwave.  Here are the melted chocolate chips and you can see one cup of the crushed fritos up there on the left. 
And here is the next half cup of fritos just as it is about to be poured into the bowl!

And here is everything all mixed together.

The instructions say to spoon mounds of the mixture onto waxed paper, and I just happened to have an old, vintage box of waxed paper and a tray laying around.

And I proceeded to mound the mixture onto the waxed paper.   Then I stuck it in the fridge.

 Now I didn’t pay attention to this – cause paying attention isn’t my strong suit – but the recipe says it yeilds 24 cookies, and I got 11.  So if you want 24 make them smaller.   And see down there you can see my little pink Valentine’s toes in my zebra striped slippers?  Well, that all about to change right now!

While I was waiting for the Fritos Chocolate Crunchies to set up in the fridge I did my toes.  I decided that since spring seems to be kinda right around the corner that I would change things up a bit and go with my fave green nail polish.  Then I added some white flowers and this is what I wound up with.

It’s really hard to tell, cause they’re all so freaking teeny, but I did something I don’t normally do.  I put little white flowers on every toe!  Here’s an outdoor shot where it might be easier to see.

Pretty cute!  So there you have my (looking forward to) spring toes, or as someone with long creepy fingers pointed out to me earlier…free toes.  Ha HA!  Very clever.

So at this point in the Fritos/free toes saga the Fritos Chocolate Crunchies have set up and I eat one and I’m all “OH MY GOD.”  Cause they are freaking GOOD!  They’re all crispy and crunchy and salty and chocolaty and you really can’t tell that they’re Fritos.  They just taste like…ok – I’m gonna eat another one and try and describe it.  There’s not really anything that is comparable, as far as I’m concerned.  They’re kinda like choc covered potato chips, only the Fritos are thicker and so are way crunchier.  And the texture is way way different than choc covered pretzels or graham crackers.  And the saltyness sort of blends in with the chocolate really well and it’s all just so freaking good.

Here’s the pic of the finished product again just in case you wanted to see it again, like me.

I am now expecting these from everyone I know for this coming xmas on an xmas cookie platter.

Thanks in advance.