Seriously.  What’s not to love?  Whether it’s just a little messed up or windswept, kinda stringy, or a little wet and stringy, or fully out of control, it’s pretty damn sexy.

And last but not least…quite possible the hottest woman in the world…we’ve seen her before, but what the fuck ever people.  Look at her freaking hair!
I mean, seriously!  What the HELL is going on with her hair???  Is it pulled back in some sort of messy, mass thing? Or is it kinda short and teased out to look really big in back?  Or is it in a low hanging pony tail?  I can’t tell!  Is there anyone out there – the lady in the pic, or the photographer or the gaffer or key grip or the guy who got coffee for everyone that day – ANYONE who can tell me what was going on with her hair?  I really really want to know.  So bad.