Honestly, the only thing I have to say here (yeah right) is WHY???????????????????
Granted, some are worse than others, but freaking come on!  
So freaking unnatural (clearly I’m still talking about the wig here…)!
And gross!

It’s just not right!

You couldn’t even run your fingers through that if you tried.  Real hard!

If these wigs add a sense of mystique or something, then I’ve been going about things all wrong!

Gad zooks, people!   A wig that makes you look older than you are (or maybe just about the same age as you are – it’s kinda hard to tell here)?  Wtf?

I don’t know.  Am I wrong?  Is sytheticy strawlike hair hot?  

Um.  No.

Oh!  And so that all the chicks out there who like to see dudes in wigs and fake mustaches don’t feel left out…

But man!  That’s a freaking awesome couch!