You know, porn, I really like you and all, but sometimes you really weird me out.

And I’m not talking about the kinky, fetishy stuff either.  I mean, everybody’s got their own thing and I’m totally down with that.

It’s entirely possible that I’m just being a prude here too – cause I’m sure that every picture here gets someone’s motor going.

There’s just some stuff that I don’t get.
Take this for example.  I don’t have a problem with anyone swinging around in mid air in a sling.  I say go for it.  It’s just everything put together – the sling, and the wig and the guy with his feet in the air and the bits of animal pelts strewn around.  I don’t know.  

And take a look at this crazy guy.  Raise your hand if this picture is working for you.  I’d really like to know.

Do I really need to say anything here?  You get where I’m coming from with this one?

And this?

Now – I also have no problem with the double ended dildo action.  Like I said, if it works for you…

It’s just the shape with the bulbs and the flat part and that godawful institutional brownish color.  Ech.

And I’m sorry.  But was this picture pivotal in the layout?  Did it really need to be included?  Cause I swear to god that chick needs a cup of coffee or something.

 And I’m sure everyone out there has wondered what would happen in this exact scenario, with this exact piece of equipment.  But thankfully we all generally choose to keep it to ourselves and move on with our lives.

And seriously.   What the hell is going on here?  All I see are some boobs, part of a wiener and a whole bunch of hair.

 And I know some of these mag layouts were going for something new and edgy and topical…but…whatever “Superman.”