If you ask me, there’s more to look at in girly mags than the girly girls (or mens and womens together, as the case may very well be).  The weird ads are a small slice of heaven all by themselves.

I’ve posted a couple ads from the March 1973 issue of Penthouse before, like this Man & Woman sex book ad (wherein a poor woman is freezing her ass off on the back of a freaking motorcycle.  why is the guy not naked too?  i’d really like to know.)

And way, way back in the days of yore of this blog I posted one of the weirder (and one of my all time fav!) ads from this magazine. It’s for a series of party tapes and I’m gonna do you all a favor and repost that ad here cause I didn’t so such a hot job of photoshoppeing it last time around, and I totally think it’s worth it to be able to read every single word of the fine print.

And you can even whip out your Bankamericard for a set of 8-tracks!

Here’s a nice piece of jewelry you can purchase to let the world know that you are a proud viewer of pictures of naked ladies (and occasional sexed-up couples).

The next three ads are double pagers that got kinda fuzzy towards that middle sector – so sorry if there’s some key info or pic of a naked chick that’s too blurry to view properly.  I tried my best with the lo fi scanning skillz I gots.

I’m a HUGE fan of that DOOR thing.

And here’s a nifty ad for the “old and (blogger doesn’t like the “and sign”) heavy gold” yearly top 16 hit collections on 8-track or cassette tape and some kind of Beatles extravaganza package thing…

Super heavy.

And finally, the old standard…the RCA record club ad!

I used to stare at these things forEVER!  If I remember right, there were some where you actually tore out the little record and stuck it onto the space in the order form, indicating that you wanted to purchase that particular album for 1 cent or whatever it was.

Here is a color version of a 1977 Columbia House record club ad showing you all the colorful 8-track cartridges you could purchase for $1 (not to mention the 12″ stereo records, tape cassettes and reel-to-reel tapes!).

Donna Fargo, Jethro Tull, Loggins and Messina, The Bay City Rollers and The Best of Lawrence Welk all in one box!

How mother flipping 70s.