Here at Craftypants Carol’s Fancy Crafty World we get really geeked about stuff that’s a little different.  It doesn’t really matter what it is – food, music, sex, boobs, novelty candies and so forth – it’s just kinda nice to try something new every once in a while – or all the time – whichever you prefer.  
So today I’d like to do two things.  First I have some new and interesting naked ladies to show you (how could I not?) and second I have some new and interesting music for you to grab out of thin air and funnel into your ears in whichever manner you choose.  I’m super excited too cause I love to be the purveyor of new things!!  
So first up are the ladies.  
See, a while back I lamented the fact that the ladies in my posts were sadly lacking in the not white skin color and so my hope for today was to not only mix it up with different skin hues, but also a nice variety of bodies and whatnot – which may new for some of you.  Yay!  Let’s see what I came up with!  
I’m think I’m just about as excited to see this as you are!

And now for the music.  This mix I’ve got here is a bunch of different music from a bunch of different foreign lands.  It’s music that I like to run to and dance to and drive to and just be happy to.  If you haven’t heard much music from other countries and would like to you might want to check out my special international good times mix!  There’s stuff from China, Japan, Turkey, Jamaica, Thailand, Burma and there’s even a couple of Irish mashups and it can all be found HERE.  
What I suggest for New Year’s eve is playing this mix really loud and dancing around like a maniac…
like this!
But, as usual, I’d like to add a disclaimer here that most of this music is best enjoyed after dousing your body in exotic smelling oils or assorted flavored spreads.  The dancing, as well as the transition into the new year, will be much smoother that way.
Have a great New Year’s Eve!!!!!!!