Alright.  I’m not gonna do a lot of blah blah blah here (yeah right) cause it’s Christmas day and I’m sure you all have something better to do than read my ramblings (yeah right), so I’m just gonna launch right into this baby and see where we wind up.

If you haven’t seen Black Christmas btw – I really think you should take to opportunity to see it today.  Right now, in fact.  I mean, seriously.  What better way to celebrate xmas than to get all wrapped up in groovy, creepy, xmasness!  But, if you don’t have access to it you can just follow along here with me and it will almost feel like you are watching it.  Sort of.

Black Christmas happens to be one of my all time fav horror movies – xmas or no.  I included it in a post a while back about this certain vibe I get from certain movies and I rambled on at considerable length about this vibe thing.  If you can’t sleep some night and don’t have a sleeping pill – read this series of posts and I promise you, you will probably still be awake but you will probably also never want to return to my realm again.  Black Christmas is one of the movies I mention that has the vibe that I dig and while I’m going on about the vibe I show you around the Black Christmas house cellar – so we won’t be going there today.  What I’ll do is start out with the front of the house and the entry.

This house is freaking huge.   It’s got that covered entry thing that’s cool and from that view it looks like a pretty normal big house, but then you take a turn to the left and it’s like a whole nother building is slammed up against the house.

And if you walk a little further to the left you can see even more hugeness.

So let’s creep up on the house and look through a couple windows.  Lookin through the window scenes in horror movies are some of my favorites.  Maybe cause looking through window times in my life are some of my favorites.  Heh.

I’m always incredibly annoyed with people who have curtains up.  I wanna see what’s going on goddamit!

Here’s a good one…

Now that we’ve looked through the windows we can go in.

Super nifty dark wood front door with small french doorish section!  The dark woodwork all around the house is seriously one of my favorite olde timey house decor things.  And dig those red curtains!

Right on!  There’s another set of red curtains in the dining room.  Let’s go there really quick and check them out.

The red chairs are nice too.  But what really steals the scene here are those cute xmas trees!  I like those.  The xmas decor in this movie is def a huge part of the attraction for me.  I mean there’s a whole lot to love about this movie.  The house, the decor, the xmas decorations, the hot babes, the clothes that Mrs. Mac wears…

My mom and grandma used to wear those thick polyester double knit floral shirts and suits in the 70s.  So flattering.  And so comfy!  Some of them actually felt like sandpaper.

So back to the xmas decorations…here’s the tree.  Super freaking cool.

And since next on my list was hot babes I’d like to take this opportunity to point out these groovy behind-the-main-hot-chick’s-head shots.  There’s a few of them in the movie.  That one up there…

This one…

This one…

Here she is from the side.  Nice, cozy shot by the fire and the green phone.

That’s it for the hot babe for now – but we’ll prob see more of her in a bit!!

Ok – so let’s go back to the entry.  There’s a whole lot going on there.

So much dark wood!

Here’s Margot Kidder coming down the stairs too!

And here’s Margot and the stairs and entry area as seen from the next floor up!

Since we’re up here let’s check out the bedrooms.  Mrs. Mac’s room has a nice wall of french doors – or or french door windows…

and a fireplace!

Another bedroom has these groovy wall sconces.

Up there they’re shut off, but down here they’re on!  And it looks like there’s some kind of hat or giant bra over one of them.  Hmmm….

And in the same bedroom is this great closet…

It’s all nice and big and has some nice cupboards overhead and…

It’s like a closet within a closet!!  I totally dig that!  Any kind of cubby or cupboard or small door or hatch kinda just makes me crazy.   The attic in this house has one of those great floor doors.

There’s also a great shot of the killer dude climbing in through a window that opens like a door!  He’s crawling into one of the more fabulous staples of the horror movie house – the junk filled attic (or basement) and man oh man do I love to see that!

This house also features not one, but two of the creepy old horror house house staples…the second being the unused birdcage.  And believe it or not there are not one, but two, unused bird cages in Black Christmas!!!

#1 is in the attic…

And #2 is in the basement…

Ok – so, like I said, we’re not gonna wander around in the basement today.  What we’re gonna do is head directly to the other place that Craftypants Carol likes to hang loose…the kitchen!!!!!!


Not too crazy amazing or anything – but it’s a nice size and it has nice curtains and wallpaper.  And plastic letters on the fridge for college age sorority girls?  Whatever.

And speaking of kitchens, that’s where the best stuff in the world comes from…the xmas food!!!

Love the xmas table!  And I love the wall of french doors in this room too!

And before I leave you alone to while your xmas day away in whatever fashion you are accustomed, I will show you two other items…

a close up of that nifty green rotary dial phone…

and this novelty, oversized clock that is bigger than a human head!!!


Hey!  Don’t look at me like that!

Oh yeah – and I almost forgot!!!  My regular injection of nudity into the horror house posts that are sadly without nudity!  Let’s see if we can find some nice young thing that kinda resembles our hot main babe…shall we?

Ooooooh!  Not too bad!

Not bad either!!

That one’s really nice too!

Ok – have a great xmas day!