I know by now you are probably up to the top of your head with xmas cookies, candies, cakes, snacks, bon bons, non pariels, profiterols, other rolls, and other assundry confections and whatnot, but I have a few more here that you might want to try if you still have room in there somewhere near your elbows or  that space underneath your zyphoid process (look it up).

I’m not gonna post the actual recipes here – just links and pictures that will make you weep with sticky, candy-filled joy.  I know I did.

And what you could do here that would be really fun is go to the links and make the things yourself and look at my pictures while your making yours so it will feel exactly like we’re making it all together!!!

First up Fantasy Fudge.

Here is the beginning of the fantasy fudge process where I melted the butter and sugar together and proceeded to drop the spoon into the hot, bubbling candy liquid not once, but THREE times.  Sheesh.

And here it is in the pans.  One has walnuts and the other is plain.  

And here is the spoon that I stuck in my mouth after spreading it all into the pans!

And here it is all cut up – plain in back and walnut filled in front.

Next up…Toffee!!!  This year I used this recipe for Scottish Toffee and I will go into my feeling about it in depth in a moment – but I will also mention here that in the past I have used this recipe for English Toffee.  I think both are good.

One of the things that’s different about this Scottish Toffee recipe, for me anyway, is it has chocolate on both sides of the toffee, instead of just on the top.  This is the bottom layer of nuts and chocolate waiting for the hot toffee syrup to be poured over it (and check out that Jex box!).

And here’s the syrup being boiled till it’s the proper temp, as well as more spoons that will eventually slide into the hot, boiling syrup.

And here is the toffee layer as well as the second chocolate and nut layer – and…what’s this???  Oh, I forgot to tell you!  I used SMOKED almonds on mine.  I’ve done it this way for a few years now and to be honest with you I don’t know why more people aren’t doing it.  This smoked almond English/Scottish Toffee should have swept the nation by now!

And here it is being broken up and put into decorative xmas tins for the lucky, unsuspecting people who will be receiving them.

So here is where I will tell you my deepest feelings about this Scottish Toffee recipe.  It says that it makes a whole cookie sheets worth and, I don’t know if that lady meant a child’s, Eazy Bake oven sized cookie sheet – but that is not what I wound up with.  I barely had enough toffee syrup to put a super thin layer over the chocolate and the results were massive amounts of chocolate and nuts surrounding a very very thin layer of toffee (which is not bad necessarily – it’s just not what I was after).  I think the toffee is good and all – but if I made this again I would def double the toffee part.  I want thick toffee by gum!

And last but not least…the piece de resistance…that supreme delicacy from up north (Canada, I mean)…mother flipping Butter Tarts.  I’m just giving you a link to a google images Butter Tarts seach so you can pick whatever recipe you want (or try them all!!!!) and see what they’re like.  You. Will. Not.  Be.  Sorry.  Seriously.

Here is a batch that just came out of the oven.

And here is one that I smashed into my face before taking a pic.  

If you’re curious about what this gooey, oozing mini pie tastes like, imagine pecan pie, a little gooeyer, without the pecans, but with currants or raisins.