Today’s sexed-up offerings come in two odd little booklets that I found in and amongst the squirreled away and saved stuff in my grandparent’s/mom’s/childhood home (that’s 3 generations +++ of stuff that was packed into that place!).  
The first one is called The Modern Dictionary.  It’s one of those tongue-in-cheek gag books that seems like it would be funny, but really only is if you’re drunk and/or really tired and you’re actually asleep…and you didn’t read any of it.  In my opinion the best part is the cover.  
Feast your eyes on the hilarity…

Next up is another gem of a booklet called The Grand Deception.  Apparently some folks feel deceived if not everything looks exactly the same?  That’s my take on this second gag book that is better for the illustrations than the text, if you ask me.

Yuk yuk yuk.