It’s been a while since I posted anything nudie or girly – other than that super nifty xmassy album/mag cover I posted back here.  So I thought what I’d do is start out kinda slow and mellow to get you in the mood and go back and forth a little and around and around and work up to some kind of gargantuan big finish sometime around, oh, say New Year’s Eve (wow – that just got me all excited).

How does that sound?  All I can hear is the voice in my own head and it’s saying YESSSSS!  So I’ll go with that.

Today I’m gonna share a few vintage sexed-up items from the sexy days of yore.  I have a few of these nifty examples of sexed-upness hanging around my pad – but not near as many as I wish I did.  If I had my way my walls would be plastered with all manners of vintage sexy shit from every and all eras.  I already posted my most prized nudie possession a while back – this nudie card deck, and low and behold what do you think I have for you today?  Another nudie card deck!!!  Actually this one is a sexed-up joke/cartoon nudie deck that was printed onto really small pieces of paper.  I’m just gonna post them in groups and you can cut them apart when you print them out (and yes, I spazzed out as per usual and got that one card turned upside down.  I’m sure you can figure out how to cut out an upside down card though – so I’m not gonna worry about it).

See how small they are?  If I were you I’d print them out much bigger and give them a nice sexed-up back (my deck just has blank paper backs) and commence with your sexed-up card games!!
And here are two sexy key chains of yore…
I know this doesn’t look very sexy – but if you could see what’s going on inside there!  Man, oh man!  Actually, it’s kinda silly.  If you look through the end of the teeny telescope you see a woman with her boobs sandwiched in between two pieces of wood.  ??  Believe me, if I could capture it on celluloid for you I would.   But, alas, I don’t have the technology to get in there with my camera.  
Next we have some wiggling ladies.  I, once again, don’t have the technology to show you the wiggling – so you’ll have to use your imagination…

Their hips go back and forth and back and forth when you tilt the piece of plastic.  Isn’t that cool?

Ok – that’s it for today!

Have fun with your new toy!