This is a card deck that I played with a whole lot when I was a kid.  I don’t know exactly when it was made or when it was purchased – but I played with it pretty much throughout the 70s – so you can do whatever you want with that information.

Here’s the instruction card…

and here’s the card back…

(but if I were you I’d use this groovy green kitty cat card back instead!  even though it doesn’t quite match and it’s cropped badly – but really, you’ll thank me when you have, like 30 of these cute little kitties staring at you while you play your Old Maid Game.  really, you will.)

The reason I’m telling you all this about the deck and the instruction card and the backs and all that is cause I have the whole deck scanned for you here to print out and do whatever you want to with it.  Now, I know that there’s nothing particularly Christmassy about this deck – but what you can do is just consider it another one of my many gifts to you.  Aren’t you psyched?  I knew you would be.

So, anyway, I really dug all the pictures of the people when I was a kid.  There’s lots of them – Careless Carrie being my fav.  And don’t forget that you have to print out two sets of each of the people cards to play the game!  And one Old Maid.