Yesterday I talked a bit about one of my fav xmas decorations – the teeny freaky Santa – and I promised you a group shot for today.  So, I rounded everybody up and put them on some simulated snow-esque material and told them to act natural for the camera but then they saw my giant hand descending upon them and they kinda freaked.  It took hours to calm them all back down.  
I hope you’re all happy now.   Poor little guys…. 
Next is the weird elf I mentioned…

I’ve seen these guys around ebay and antique shows and whatnot – but I don’t know how popular they are with the vintage xmas goods collecting folks, cause they are kinda weird – but which is a-ok by me.   I like how they have a creepy little smile and sideways glance, and they’re always sitting on a pine cone or a nut.  A particularly strange and vivid fantasy of mine is to have a whole tree decorated solely with these weird elfen ornaments and the freaky little Santas.  And some lights and tinsel and whatnot.  Maybe someday I could have two trees!  One with all my other ornaments and one freaky deaky elf and Santa tree.  Wow.  I’m excited now!

Here are a couple of the other ornaments I just spoke of – in case you were wondering.  This is an old angel ornament that’s probably from the 60s or 70s or something and I really like the style of it – the way you can see through it and all.

A while back I wanted to replicate some of these old ornaments but I’m not a huge fan of angels – so I took some old plastic toys and came up with this!

Pretty nifty huh?  I think so.

And here are some old plastic poinsettia flowers that I like to put on the tree too.  I love the way the plastic petals are all cut out and lacy looking.  Super snazzy!

And last but not least…the early Chistmas present!  It’s not for you though – it was for me!  Yay!

Now, I’m not showing you these cause I’m all “Nanny nanny na na!” or “In your face, losers! (although I kinda am)”  I’m showing them to you cause I think you should check them out!

As I’ve mentioned here many, many times..I don’t so much review anything (except that one time I got all up in The Nesting’s craw) as much as I just look around and do a lot of pointing and yelling and say things like “Get a load of that!”, and “Gad zooks, man!”  So all I’m really gonna say is this…if you like cool old comic books, like me, and you like reading creepy little stories and looking at really cool pictures, like me…then do yourself (or someone you dig!) a favor and go HERE or HERE or HERE and read more about them and then cruise on over to your local comic book shop and get them!  For the love of all things old and creepy just do it!!

Ok – I think I’m gonna go take a nap with the teeny Santas.  I think we all need some calming, soothing time after all the ornament excitement and comic book hysteria.