Today I’m gonna show you some olde timey xmas decorations that, for the most part, have been around me since I was a wee, small thing.

We’ll start with the best!  My Christmas stocking!

I’ve had this stocking for as long as I can remember.  Some friend of the family made them for each member of my family when I was really small and they became the standard – with a few exceptions however.  I do remember a period in the 80s when my mom started using some red, fuzzy, oversized, novelty stockings, and that was nice cause a LOT of stuff fit in those.  But nothing ever looked as cool as these.  Unfortunately mine got some sort of water stain all on the bottom – but it’s not too visible when it’s hanging up across the room.

UPDATE! Later in the day…
My cousin provided me with a pic of his stocking and check this out!! It’s almost the same as mine!  It seems to me like it must have been a kit – but note that my cat has rhinestone eyes and Chris’s has googly eyes!  He was thinking that my mom had made them but I know she didn’t cause the stocking for my grandparents had “The Barries” on it and if she had made them it would have said mom and dad or something like that.  Hopefully the mystery of who made them will be solved someday – but for now you can gaze at not one, but TWO excellent examples of vintage handmade stockings!

Next up…

Fruity wreath and candy cane (with gold clam shells) wall decorations.

These were my grandparents’ decorations, and they were hanging on the xmas walls of my childhood home long before I was born, and continued to hang there every xmas all while I was growing up.  I never really understood the fruit thing – but they’re cool!  The fruit puts a kind of extra colorful spin on everything and the gold clam shells just look like pretty gold blobs till you look real close.  And who wouldn’t want to look at mini bananas throughout the month of December?!  If only there was a pineapple or two on these babies – then they’d be as close to perfect as you could get.  I might have to go out and find myself a couple mini pineapples…

Next I have two vintage glass candle holders that i LOVE.

The three wise men one I think was a family decoration when I was a kid and I’m pretty sure I bought the blue one with the ornaments later in life.  But either way – they are so freaking cool.  They are covered in a coating of small beads – which I find pretty interesting.   Why stuff doesn’t look like this anymore I just do not know.

Next we have a little red bag with Santa on it…

I don’t know what was originally in this bag – maybe a bottle of alcohol or something – but it has a flap closure thing on the top that snaps shut so you can hang it that way.  It used to be hanging around the house somewhere when I was a kid – I think on the bath towel rack on the wall, if I remember right.  It’s just so cute and bright and makes me happy.

Next are some Santa match boxes!  I love these things!

These were around all while I was a kid – part of the group of decorations my grandma used to call the “set arounds.”  Super cute!

And last is a weird little Santa that I love…

I actually have a few of these.  I love how weird and small they are.  On some of them the paint has completely missed the eyes and they look like freaky zombie Santas.  When I was living in Romania a friend of mine bought some for me from a gypsy who was selling boxes of them on a train.  I guess some people who know me see weird stuff and say “Carol would like that!”  I am sooo cool with that.

Well, that’s it for now.  I do have a lot more decorations and maybe I’ll take more pictures today to give you some more small thrills!  At one point I had 4 or 5 18 gallon tupperware bins of xmas decorations, but now, with my pleasant, everything-must-go, disposition, I have gotten my xmas holdings down to about one of those bins.