In the house I grew up in coasters were, like, everywhere.  You couldn’t pass a table or a nightstand or a nook or a cranny without finding one – or 20.  I’m sure there were a few different varieties of them around, but the ones I remember most (and mostly cause I still have them) are these fruity and floral patterned resin coated coasters…

I love this vintage resin coated stuff so much.  I have some trays and a big bowl and a whole bunch of these coasters all in different fruity or floral patterns.  But I’m here today to talk about the coasters.

See how nice the scull cup looks in the cute little coaster?

So, not only were these fruity, floral resin coasters scattered around, but for every holiday, and even non holiday days, there was also a decorative paper coaster sitting inside it.  It’s like the coaster had a coaster…

So what I did was scan (of course) all these olde timey coasters and I’m sharing them with you here so that you too can have some nifty xmas paper coasters to put in your own outer coasters, if you have them.  If you don’t you can just toss them right onto the table.  They’re good that way too.  They measure about 3 1/4″ across – just so you know…

I scanned these poinsettia doily coasters on a black and a white background so that you can see the doily action in different ways.  I think they look cool both ways.

This polka dot one here and the 70s Victorian kids up top are my favs.

And now.  The final installment of The Cinnamon Bear 5 disc series HERE!

And just so you don’t get too sad or confused (like me) I’ll put all of the links for every disc in all 5 posts.

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