Oh. My. God, you guys!  I have something really really cool to show you, BUT you have to promise to not tell ANYBODY!

See, I have this friend Karswell over here and he’s been posting this really cool stuff from this olde timey catalog (the 1968 Western Auto Christmas Gifts catalog, if you really need to know) recently.  He posted the toy section HERE and HERE and I was thinking that he must just have some other really cool shit laying around his house.

So… I snuck in there last night, right in through the window while he was asleep…and I skulked and tip toed and rifled around and snuck some more and man, oh man!  I found some stuff that he had hidden under his pillow…and I figured that meant that it had to be pretty good…so I really carefully slid it out from under there and just ran!  I jumped out the window and, well, then I tripped on a shrub, but then I got back up and I ran all the way back here and I smashed it all into my computer so that I could show it to you!!!

But don’t tell him!!!  I don’t know what he’ll do if he finds out!  I’m pretty sure he posted some more pages from that same catalog HERE, but when you go over there you have to be real cool!  Don’t give me away.  Maybe whistle or eat an apple while you’re looking around so you appear all casual and stuff.

So here it is!  Nifty household and kitchen goods from the days of yore for you to get all geeked about!

I know I am!

And I’ll point out all the stuff I want so you know what to get me!

I’ll def take a black and white TV!!!  Preferably portable.

I already have a 3 tiered telephone stand so you don’t need to bother with that.  And I used to have one of those telephone gossip benches, although I didn’t know that was what it was called.  I dig those.

I really want to know what those Wizard Plastic Surface Rugs are like!!  They look really interesting to me.  If anyone has had an experience with them please share.  And feel free to get them for me.  I wouldn’t mind one bit!

And I’d definitely take a King-Size 3-Way Vibrator-Recliner!

And look!  The chair positions even have their own names.  How fancy.

I’ll take everything on this next page.  All the fridges.  The ice chest that stores 522 pounds of food.  All of the food in the fridges and the ice chest.  All of it.

Just ship it to:

Craftypants Carol
c/o Craftypants Carol
Route 1
Craftytown 00666

Any of these small kitchen appliances would be nice too.  I dig the Teflon Coated Wizard Table Grill!

I really dig that “Daphne” Melamine Dinnerware too!   And the Crystal Glass Dip ‘n’ Chip Set.

Ok.  Hold everything.  You can go ahead and get me everything I already mentioned – I’ll let you.  But get a load of these hair dryers!

Wouldn’t I look fabulous sitting under one of those?!?!

In case you are unsure of exactly what I’m talking about, let me clarify…

That cat clock is nice…but I think Karswell might really dig that – so you can get if for him.

And the Polarioid!!

Oh, and from Karswell’s realm I want the the stripey Youngster’s Phono, any of the console stereos, any of the transistor radios and the pink bike!  But in lime green.

Oh, and I’ll be back with the 5th disc of The Cinnamon Bear tomorrow.  I know you didn’t listen all the way through yet!  Don’t lie.