While I was riffling through my goods the other day I came across some more xmas pics from my childhood that I think I passed by cause the xmasness of the pics is not super apparent (and one that is obv xmas oriented and I have no idea why I didn’t notice it).  Maybe the trained eye would have noticed, by my, untrained, googly, cartoon eye was pretty much all “I see nothing of importance here!  NEXT!” or something.  I don’t know.  So here I present to you…

Christmas Pictures Where the Christmas Part is Not Super Obvs!!!  Are you ready?

So here we see young CPC with her back to the camera and two grandpas lounging about, and on the TV tray we see, what’s this?  A box that has xmassy pics all over it!  This box is clearly an xmas present of some sort and, even though there are no xmas decorations up anywhere, this def qualifies as an xmas pic.


Now here we see little CPC herself lounging about in bed in what you may not be able to discern, but I will tell you are, in fact, flannel, Santa pjs.  If I am not mistaken they are the same Santa pjs that are in this pic (that I have now linked to twice already.  maybe I’ll just keep finding a way to link to it every day for the rest of the month!  heh.) that my mom made.


Here we see a tweenage CPC and sister breaking the back of our mom’s boyfriend.  Jesus.  And to the left we can also see some stockings!


Yet another young CPC with dish towel and xmas table and decor in background.  Dig that quilted wreath!

Ok – now we’re getting a little more obvious with the xmas in this pic.  I can’t even believe I snubbed this one cause in this pic is one of my all time fav presents that I got as a young CPC.

It’s a a camera!  Now I was thinking it was a Kodak Crank – and I’m still pretty sure that’s what it was, but when I went and looked at this commercial for the Kodak Crank

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I noticed that it doesn’t look anything like what I remember mine looking like.  I remember the one I had being not so flat – but I totally remember having to crank the pics out with a little crank lever.

And here we have that one super obv xmas pic that I somehow passed by and that I will now show you so you can stop weeping into your xmas pillow.  And check out the boots!!  I was looking for these boots in another old pics that I couldn’t find and lo and behold they show up in this, previously dissed, xmas pic!!!!

And here are a couple of even older xmas pics I stumbled upon – the first one of my mom and dad before I was born, and the next of my mom as a teenager…

And for you Cinnamon Bear folks – thanks for being so patient and wading through the not-quite-xmas pics with me.  You are now free to go HERE and retrieve your reward of disc 3!

I’m adding all the discs to every post, so below are also discs 1, 2, 4 and 5
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