Ok – first the Kleenex box!  I don’t know the exact date on this baby, but I’d say 60s would be a safe bet.  I rescued it from being thrown away when we emptied out my childhood home that housed many items that had been squirreled away by my penny-pinching-and-are-you-gonna-throw-that-cottage-cheese-container-out-are-you-crazy-?-!-?-! grandma, and I actually planned on using it during some future, weepy xmas moment, but then finally opened it one day and was super sad to find that the Kleenex all smelled really musty.  Wah.  But what did I (or anyone) expect after it had been sitting in a basement for 60 years.  I think my expectations are generally excessively high.

Anyway – when I scanned this baby, I don’t think I ever really planned on showing it to anyone – so I didn’t take a picture of the whole box all put together or anything, like I should have.  But I’m sure you can all use your brain talents and picture a put together Kleenex box in your heads.  Can’t you?  If not I’ll see what I can do.

Ok – so here is the top and the long sides.

See how pretty and gold-foily it is?

Here’s the bottom of the box and another long side…

and now for the BEST part…the actual Kleenex!!!  It’s freaking cool!

I’d blow my nose on that any day!

Ok – now on to disc 2 of The Cinnamon Bear which you can find and download for your very own HERE!  And now for the calculations – not one of my finer qualities – but I’ll do my best.

So the wikiwiki I linked to yesterday  says not only that the episode listening to should start on November 26th, and end on December 25th, BUT ALSO that you should only listen to it 6 days a week (why?  who fucking knows.  cause The Cinnamon Bear’s creepy voice will burn your ears off if you listen to it on Sunday?  that’s my guess.)  So if we were to follow these rules, but then allow for Craftypants Carol’s Colossal Christmas Fuckup wherein I did not give you these episodes to listen to until yesterday – you would, I think, have to listen up through episode 10 tonight.  There are 26 episodes all together.  So if you skipped a day every week from Nov 26-Dec 25 that would be right.  I think.  So – either you can take my word for it or hurt your freaking brain like I am doing right now and try and figure it out for yourself or just listen to them whenever you want.  You could do like a 3-per-night setup all the way through till xmas or you could listen to them all in one day!

Ok – I’m gonna go soak my head for a little while.  That was hard!

Here are disc 1, 3, 4 and 5 too!

Disc 1   Disc 3   Disc 4   Disc 5