The insanity is definitely increasing and the tension mounting here at the Craftypants shack!  But also the forgetting.  I totally freaking forgot that I have all of The Cinnamon Bear episodes on disc!

I realized this just yesterday and quickly made haste to my Mediafire account to upload the first disc so that you, my eggnog guzzling reader, could enjoy the special times along with me.  Now, I know that we would already be many days into the festivities, if we were listening to it on the AM radio in my grandma’s kitchen (KXL 7pm!), but you can catch up real easy if you listen to all of the first 6 tracks tonight, then some more tomorrow night and by then I will be able to have calculated where we should all be and THEN you ease into the rest of the story, one olde timey episode at a time – as originally intended.

For the first disc (of 5) with episodes 1-6 – go HERE.  I will be uploading the next 4 discs over the next 4 days!  Yay!!

I’m also adding the rest of the discs here too…

Disc 2   Disc 3    Disc 4   Disc 5

Now onto the toes!

I found these stickers

and thought they were kinda cool and xmassy – what with the little white things that look like snowflakes and the little black swirly parts that look like little black swirly parts.  So I got them and some red nail polish and this is what happened when I put them both together…

Freaking cool!
Here’s an indoor shot with the flash…

and an outdoor shot without.  I couldn’t decide which one was better so I posted both.