Throughout my global travels (but more precisely, my wanderings around my living room) I’ve come across a few weird, xmassy items.  Some of the items are big and bulky and don’t scan well, but some are all grand and flat – thereby making it really easy for me to stick them in your face and say “lookit!”

Here is some xmas art that is either old, old and weird, a newer reproduction of something old or a repro of something old and weird…or all of the above.  You get to choose.

First up the oldest and weirdest.  This is no repro.  It’s an original cover from the Christmas 1894 issue of Judge magazine, a general lifestyle and political mag that had lots of political cartoon lithographs in it.  I had to take a photo of it cause it doesn’t fit in my scanner so the print is a little hard to read.  But I’m not gonna tell you what it says.  

Next up…a kinda boring snowy country scene reproduction that was mounted onto some mat board.  It’s kinda nice though – and I always dig a snowy country scene.

Next is another repro.  Some werid, googly-eyed olde timey Santas for you to print out and put all over the place.  I dare you!

I don’t know what the deal is with this one.  It actually looks like it might be a lithograph.  It has some, what looks like, real gold leaf powdery accents.  Sorry about the smugy part.  Things happen, ya know.

Now THIS!  This is some kinda weird old I-don’t-even-know-what.  It’s a print of a very weird Santa, clutching a doll and a purse – that is all ripped and wrinkled and then mounted onto red mat board.  Whatever – I like messed up shit like this.  It just says xmas to me.

And last but not least – a much anticipated (by me) food related pic.  This is another litho from another 1800s magazine – West Shore – published in Portland Oregon a long long time ago.  And yes, this is an original – no repro on the Christmas Dinner shot for me!  These people are all lined up to get there grubby little turn-of-the-century hands on some xmas goose and maybe a rabbit or two!  Now, you know I would never eat my goose, MacGregor – but I hear goose is really good and I’d really like to try it someday.  So sue me. 

And here is the back of the page – with a bunch of old 1800s ads for Portland businesses.  Cool!

Alright!!  Starting off December pretty good.  With an actual post!  “Can she keep this up?”  You ask.  I DON’T KNOW!!!