I know, I know.  Halloween is over.

If it were up to me Halloween would be all year around and there would be one day a year called Regular day where all the Halloween decorations were taken down and we stopped watching horror movies and eating Halloween candy and listening to creepy music and putting Halloween stickers on our toes.  ONE day.

Lucky for me and you though, I had a special request for more toenail stickers by Karswell over at The Horrors of it All and And Everything Else Too – so Halloween can keep going for a little bit longer around my crafty world.   I highly recommend you check out his blogs btw.  I found The Horrors of it All first and totally dug checking out the old horror comics he puts up there – but then came to the realization that there was this whole nother blog with all this other groovy vintage stuff that I quadrupally dug and now there’s a whole log of digging going on that I think you should be a part of!  And I think he’s posting a bit more groovy, vintage Halloween stuff over at And Everything Else Too (in addition to the year-round horror at The Horrors of it All!) throughout this month too – so yay for a little more Halloween!

Ok – on with the toes.  Over here you can see my first Halloween pedicure – just in case you didn’t see it the first time around and are weeping into your bran muffin with feelings of missed opportunities and such.

I did a shot of the process and the finished product, just so everyone could be on the same page with the whole thing.

Here is the part where I have things in between my toes that keep the nail polish all nice and safe while it dries…

Some people use cotton balls – or nothing at all and just hope for the best.  All methods are just fine.  And hoping for the best is always the best option.

And here is the final product.  I threw “little teeny skulls” out there as a suggestion and got a thumbs up on that – and I decide to add a little excitement with some witch hats…

And I even went a step further and gave myself a manicure with glittery orange nail polish and put little teeny black cats on my thumbs!!!

I did some split screen action here cause i liked the light in the right pic better, but on the left you can see the green glittyeryness of the sticker!  I love that!  I’ve never had stickers on my fingernails before and I dig it.  I kind of wish I had a lot of writing to do so I could keep looking at them while I write.  I highly recommend that any college or high school folks who take a lot of hand written notes get some fingernail stickers post haste!

Ok – that’s it for the looking at the nails.  Maybe for my next post I will come up with something equally as spellbinding and compelling, but I’m not sure if I can!  

You’ll have to wait and see…………..