Another horror movie house plus some Halloween oriented gab just for us!!

I watched this movie a couple weeks ago for the first time.  It’s one of those movies (I Dismember Mama is another) that I had heard about since high school but never saw.  I still haven’t seen I Dismember Mama.  Anyway, as I was watching it I was so into the house the chick is staying in and the use of red all over the place that I just had to do some grabbage and post it all here.

I really haven’t posted as much this week as I had hoped – but oh well.  I have been doing a little bit of Halloween oriented stuff though  – which I share with you.  What I mean is I WILL share.  Will.  My writing is bad but my proofreading is way worse.  Heh.

I’ve watched a ton of movies on Netflix – but I’m not gonna just list movies off here.  That would be boring.  Some were good and some were bad and if you really want to know what they are I’ll tell you – but all I really want right now is for you to picture me curled up in a chair with granny square afghan pulled up over my knees and up to my face while my big googly terror-filled eyes stare into infinity.


A friend of mine lent me a book recently and I just finished it and thought it would be really super appropriate for this time of year for anyone in the mood.

It’s The Ritual by Adam Neville.  I’m not gonna review it or tell you all about it – cause you can find all that somewheres else if you want.  I’ll just say that it is really creepy and weird and freaky and pretty scary.   But mostly creepy.  And I highly recommend it.

Another thing I’ve been up to is I gave myself a Halloween pedicure.  I picked these Halloween nail stickers up last year…

and I still had quite a few left over so I saved them for this year (and unless I do another 5 pedicures before the end of the month I’m gonna have them again for next year).  They’re so cute and – it’s hard to tell but they’re glittery.  But the thing I like about them the most is that they are sooo freaking teeny.  Just teeny weeny little stickers.  So I used a few different colors on my toes and stuck some jack-o-lanterns on the big ones…

Hopefully this photo won’t wind up on some weird foot fetish subreddit.  

and now I’m set to par-TAY!

I have also recently noticed, and been really jealous of, all the snazzy snack mixes I’ve seen everywhere.  So I thought I’d make my own.

I found a couple different candy corn mixes…

One that has tons of different shapes made out of candy corn material – as well as the standard candy corn and the brown one – I think it’s called harvest corn or something.

The other one is the standard candy corn, the brown one and the candy corn pumpkins.  You can see it pictured below along with some peanut butter m&ms, some malformed jelly beans and some Zombie Food (chocolate covered red gooey caramel – which I mostly ate while watching Walking Dead :).

To all of this I added some dried cranberries (btw – what’s up with craisins?  I don’t call dried cherries chasins or dried apples aisins.  wtf?), some mixed nuts and some pretzels and this is what it all looks like…

I am sooo ready to par-TAY!

Alright, alright…enough gab about the par-TAY.  I know you’re all here to get a better look at the I Spit on Your Grave house – and I won’t delay the main event any longer!

It’s a pretty cool house – for a backwoods, country style house.

And it has one of those long deciduous tree lined driveways that I LOVE.  I’ve always dreamed of having a long long driveway where the trees all change in the fall and you could walk or bike down it at your leisure while glancing at the leaves and the fog rolling in while wearing a sweater and a scarf.  So nice!

That’s not exactly what’s going on here – but it could be!  One of these days I’m gonna find a horror movie house that not only has the tree lined drive, but also has the leaves changing and maybe even some fog.  I know it’s out there!  But for now we’ll just have to use our imaginations.

The house has a nice sized porch…

and one of those great old wooden screen doors.  I love those!  This one apparently doesn’t have that mechanism that makes it smack shut though.  I kinda like those too.

There’s not a ton to see in the house so I’ll go through it pretty quick.

As we come inside there is a pretty basic living room.  It actually seems like a two room living space on the main floor – or a big room that was sort of made to look like two – it’s hard to tell – and to be honest with you I can’t remember.  I thought it was two rooms – but as you will see below – it kinda looks like just one.

This is the first room you come into when you enter and you can either go up the stairs to the bedroom or put a record on and have a seat.

You can start to see here the red action I was talking about.  Nice red chair and really groovy red shag carpet.  It’s interesting cause there are two different red carpets in the living area.  And right here is where you can see that it looks more like one big room with two carpets laid down to make it look like two rooms.

Here’s a close up of the first one we see here…

As you may know, I’m usually pretty psyched to show any boobs that come along in the horror movie houses – but I decided to not focus on that this time – what with the topic being so sexually depressing and, well, horrifying, really.

I may try and come up with a little something towards the end here.  So keep your fingers crossed.

So anyway – the next carpet action is this one here…

It’s not a shag – and it has a really groovy pattern.  I love this carpet!

And this part of the room has a really great fireplace…

And dig those big red lampshades!  The lamp bases are pretty cool too.  They look like driftwood or something.

In this shot you can see this groovy shag rug in front of the fireplace.

I’m not a huge fan of the furniture – but it does have a nice, rustic, 70s feel.

Next is the kitchen, and more red…

And another view inside the red kitchen – looking into the living room and the front entry…

And here we go up the stairs – which also have a red carpet…

And here we are on the landing that runs across quite a bit of the house…

Pretty nifty.

And here is the bedroom…

More red.

Not much else to see.  It’s a pretty basic house with a pretty normal bathroom and no cellar to be seen.  So we’ll head outside.

The house sits on a river and comes with a hammock and a boat!

Here’s another shot of the river with the fog rolling in.  I love it when the fog rolls in.

And nearby in town there is a groovy diner…

and a country store – which I also LOVE – so I took a bunch of country store shots.

I love little stores like this.

And here’s the local gas station…

Did I mention there’s a lot of red in the movie?

And it’s not just the blood.  It’s, like, everywhere.

Well, that’s about it for the I Spit on Your Grave house.  It’s a very basic, rustic, country style house with a lot of cool red accents.  It would make a very nice country getaway house, I think.  A nice place to get away and relax…

You’d just have to hope the pesky locals didn’t decide to show up and torment you.

Ok – let’s see what I’ve got in my grab bag of boobs here….

I think I’m gonna stick with the red theme!  Yay!

Oh, the following is PG, R and X rated… so beware!!!

I LOVE this freaking bed area.  Get in ON on the red plaid bed!!

Now that’s what I like to see!  A picture within a picture!!  Seriously, that is really what I like to see.  Truly, I love that.

I wish I had a deck of those cards.  Mine are nice – but I kinda like those better.


Um.  Yes.

Ok – that’s it for now.  I have more horror movie houses lined up.  Plus I really really need to do an injured goose update – for those injured goose lovers out there.

So…see ya…………………………………………………………………………………………………………