This here is The Black Cat Fortune Telling Game – a Parker Brother’s game that has been around since the late 1800s.  This copy is from around the 40s or 50s, I believe.  It’s a pretty cool game.  There are 6 subjects: the past, the present, the future, danger, love matters and general advice and you line the cards up and read a line where the numbers match up and it gives you a fortune (I know it sounds confusing – but it’s a game for kids – so don’t worry – it’s not as complicated as it sounds.  Def not as complicated as that other tarot deck I posted a while back.  That one is CRAZY confusing!).

Here’s an example of one of the danger cards:

I like that “And you will be a millionaire” part.

This is the back of the danger card:

Pretty cute!

I scanned the set I have and put it all in a zip file with the instructions – the only bummer is, it’s missing some cards – 2 love matters cards, 2 the future cards, and 1 the present card.  I haven’t had a chance to check around – but I’m hoping someone might have scans of these cards up somewhere so I can get copies of the cards I’m missing.  Or I could make some up!  But that seems like it would be a lot of work cause they got some sort of crazy, mystical system going on here.  Just check it out and you’ll see.

Anyway – everything is in a zip here and scanned at 300 dpi so you can print it out and make your own deck!  And if you run across any other scans let me know!

Have fun and Happy Halloween!!

Edit 7/7/15: It has taken me a long time to do this but quite a while ago Crystaldol left a comment with a link to some scans she did of the missing cards from my scans of the deck!  I said I would put the link in the post and I am FINALLY doing it.  So a HUGE thank you to Crystaldol for scanning the missing cards!  You can find them HERE.  And, I have to say that I am kind of astounded that my download link for the card set is still working!!!  Yay internet!  So you can still download my scans (which now that i look at them are desperately in need of some photoshopping), and then you can make your way over to Crystoldol’s flickr page and download the rest.

Right on!!!!