This here is a Halloween music link roundup.  I dig pretty much any kind of Halloween music – and there’s a lot of different stuff here that I’ve come across around the webs and whatnot.

And get it while you can cause some of it ain’t gonna last forever!!

Written in Blood series at ghostcapital

This is by far one of the coolest series I’ve found.  There are 6 mixes – so check them all out.  I HIGHLY recommend them.  Here is what the creator has to say: “In keeping with the rest of the Written In Blood series, Unholy Hymns offers more classic, out-of-print, or unreleased horror soundtrack music. Taken from DVD or VHS sources when unattainable elsewhere; I tried to get the best quality available to provide an enjoyable listening experience for the music connoisseur. Charles Berstein and Stelvio Cipriani were stand out composers for me on this volume, while Luchi De Jesus’s track “Diggin’ For Parts” proved to be nearly impossible to find, but worth every funky second. Hope you have a horribly fun time with these sinfully good songs.” ~ Nate  

Dwrayger Dungeon (or Monster Movie Music or 13 – who knows)

I LOVE this site.  The people there review horror, thriller and sci fi movies but always add an mp3 of music and sounds from the movie – which is BY FAR my favorite way to hear stuff from from any movie.  I love hearing dialogue or background sounds mixed in with the music.  They update really often – like every day, I think – but the only bummer is they only keep about one month of mp3s up at a time – so if you dawdle you miss out!!!!  RUN over there and check out the funny reviews, excellent screen grabs and groovy mp3s!

Magic Carpet Burn  

I’ve linked to this site a couple times, I think.  It’s no longer being updated but there is some really cool vintage Halloween stuff all around and if you scroll down to the very bottom of the page there is a Monster Record Player where you can either listen to all the cool old vintage Halloween music – or download it!  It’s all still there!!!  Yay for it still being there!!

Monster Mashup 2012

There is a 2 cd mashup download here and a 1 cd original music mix here.  And as this blog points out – Son of Monster Mashup – the second Halloween mashup mix (The Curse of Monster Mashup mix is the third and I STILL don’t have the very first one!!  Arg!!) (oh wait…now I DO!!!  ha HA hahahahahahaha!!!) is still available.

Music You (Possibly) Won’t Hear Anyplace Else

This guy always does some pretty unique Halloween (and xmas) mixes.  It looks like there will be a few since this one has “part 1” in the title.  And if you go back through his archives you will find mixes from other years too!

Frayker’s Revenge – Lunch For Your Ears

This is also another INCREDIBLE series.  This guy puts together library, soundtrack music and scores from 70s and 80s movies, TV shows and cartoons and it is so freaking cool!  It’s not all Halloween music, but this mix – Lunch For Your Ears Vol. 5 – is predominantly mystery and detective TV show music.  The other volumes are totally worth checking out too – and there’s another one coming soon that I am super excited about – cause it has to do with sexy business!!  Yay!

Unreleased Horror Scores

Oh man I almost forgot about this guy!  He does audio rips of VHS movies where the score was never released or the one that was released doesn’t include all the good stuff.  The way way unfortunate thing is – most of his links are DEAD!!  Waaaah!  You will cry real tears of sorrow and maybe even blood when you see what he used to have available.  BUT…if you go scratching around in his archives you will find some soundtracks that are still there – and you can still have them in your greasy little hands!  Like this one.   I downloaded a few of his comps before Megaupload died and am really glad to have those.  Aren’t they freaking cool?!?!  If I could have the technology to do one thing it would be this exact thing.  Rip audio off old movie sources and make groovy albums and mixes and mp3s like this guy and the Monster Movie people do.  Maybe someday…

That’s about it for now.  There are a lot of blogs out there that usually put out their own Halloween mix – so keep your eyes peeled!  Or something.  And I’ll be back with more goods later!  

Can you stand it?!?!