I’m trying to ease myself back in here, after a month long hiatus, with a very easy post for a very easy recipe that just is really really good and just about anyone could make with their hands tied behind their back – or something.  
If you’ve read my last post from long ago you’ll know that I have been nursing an injured goose back to health – back to being able to hold her head up, stand, walk, eat, clean herself, and look really cute.  Actually she was doing the cute thing the whole time – but the rest she has been slowly regaining.  I’m gonna do a whole ‘nother post on her recovery process (she’s doing really well, btw) but for now I’m just gonna post a recipe for a thing I made a little while ago.  
Blackberry season is in full swing here in Oregon and when you live out in the country they are ev-ry-where.  And I really hate to pass up some free fruit.  I know I did tons of stuff with these babies in the past – but I’m not really in the place (logistically or emotionally) to deal with wine making, jelly making, jam making, syrup making, juice making or pie making this year.  So I had to come up with an alternate plan.
I picked a bunch an froze two bags in my micro freezer (for smoothies and later eating), ate a whole bunch raw, and with one cup I made some crisp. 
These are the berries that eventually got frozen…
And these are the ones that got eaten/crisped….
I put them into a big cup so they would fit into my micro fridge and took a pic of them in that too…
In that photo you have a nice green colored cup and some decorative arm art to please the eye.
So, at the moment I’m not really using the oven I’ve got.  It runs on propane and I don’t want my tanks to run out – so I just use the stovetop.  In general I’m not a huge fan of cooking in the microwave – but I thought I’d give this a try.  I have noticed a lot of those recipes that have been around for a while for single serving microwave cakes and whatnot – and I did a quick search for microwave fruit crisp and wound up making up this recipe based on what I saw.  
Microwave Blackberry Crisp

1 cup blackberries
2-3 T sugar (give or take)
A smattering of cornstarch (somewhere btwn 1 t and 1 T…give or take)
1 pkg granola bars (2 bars)
Mix blackberries with sugar and cornstarch in bowl.  Crush granola bars.  Put granola on fruit.  Microwave 3 minutes.  

Another decorative arm art shot – plus some nize berry crisp.

If you’re wondering what that white is it’s some of the cornstarch.  I don’t actually remember it looking that bad when I ate it – I think I must have just mixed it in.  You may want to ease up on the amount if that bothers you – or add a bit of extra liquid so it all gets absorbed.  I may try that in the future – cause there are still tons of berries out there.

Anywho…it turned out really good.  The cornstarch and berries thickened up really well and the granola bar got softish from the juices.  I went out and bought some granola to try with some of the apples on the tree I have here.  They are ready now – I think they must be Gravensteins – and I’m gonna try apple, brown sugar and granola for that one.  I might add some liquid cause the apples seem kinda dry.

So….if you want something good in these times of blackberry and apple abundance, and you don’t have an oven…try this!!!

It’s good.

UPDATE…1 hour later…

I made the apple one.

Microwave Apple Crisp

1 apple – cored, peeled (optional) and sliced thin
2-3 T brown sugar (give or take)
A smattering of cornstarch
1/2 tsp lemon juice
1/2 T butter
1/2 c or so granola (I used cherry vanilla – that’s why it looks kinda pink)

Mix apple, sugar, cornstarch, lemon juice and toss with cut up butter.  Top with granola.  Microwave 3 minutes.  Let cool a bit (kinda important but I’m sure you’d figure it out anyway).  Eat it.