Yes, you heard me right.  Pizza.  Samosas.

Take a gander at theses babies….

Now, I know we had that discussion the other day about not calling a dosa a taco – but this here pizza thing is something different all together.   It’s not as much a lazy-ass slur as it is a complete and total bastardization.

This is what happens when a bunch of people (2) get together after I have fed them some home made samosas and mini apple pie samosas and talk about how freaking good they were…and then I was all by myself in the back seat of the car staring out the window, as I do, thinking about food, as I do, and came up with this mother-flipping awesome idea of filling samosas with other things – like taco filling, or pizza filling.  Not the healthiest mindedest thing I’ve come up with recently – but who cares.  So anyway, I yelled it out to the other people and they were all “HOLY SHIT!”  or something to that effect.

The ones I made directly after that realization were sort of a spanakopita samosa.  Steamed spinach, sauteed onion and my own homemade yogurt cheese (not the kind you make by straining yogurt – the kind you make by slightly simmering yogurt and then straining it.  It makes a tart, ricotta cheese type cheese and it’s very good.) and probably some cumin – cause I put that in pretty much everything – and then all wrapped up in samosa dough and deep fried.   And those I dipped in a yogurt sauce – like raita.  They turned out very good.

The pizza samosas are just samosa dough, one slice of pre-sliced pepperoni and a small cube of mozzarella cheese.  Fried in deep fryer.  Then dipped in pasta sauce.


This pic was taken the day after the night I made them – so the cheese is all clumped up.  They were very good cold too.

Now these are not the sort of things you can go willy nilly off your rocker and eat like a zillion of all the time.  I ate them with salad for dinner.  During the day I ate them all by themselves.  They are kinda intense – but then again pizza is always a little intense for me.

I’m sure you’re wondering about those apple pie samosas too.  Those I’ve made a couple different times.  See, I still have a whole bunch of those dried apple slices I dried last summer.  I’ve been using them in a lot of stuff.  Regular oatmeal, overnight raw oatmeal, chia pudding, pancakes, crepes and these pies.  For the pies I reconstituted them in boiling water for a while, then cooked them with (depending on whether or not they were already spiced or sweetened) spices and sugar and some cornstarch.  Then refrigerated the filling.  The filling needs to be either very very thick – or just without any juice, cause the juicy part is hard to encapsulate inside the samosa dough.  I’m thinking about doing a batch with just reconstituted apple slices to see how those turn out.

Anywho – both the apple pie samosas and the spanakopita samosas look exactly like the picture up top of the tray of samosas – and unfortunately I don’t have inside pics of those for you.  You’ll just have to use your imagination.  And while you’re at it – use your imagination to come up with other cool samosa fillings.

I also made one that was filled with mincemeat and it was really freaking good.