It seems like there’s something inherently sexy about a woman talking on a phone.  And I don’t mean a cell phone either.  
Maybe I’m wrong though.  Maybe the young men of today think it’s really sexy to see young women hypnotized by the glow of their cell phones while their texting someone.  Who knows.  
Anywho…here’s some sexy ladies on some real phones for your enjoyment.  

The next two are a bit more racy – so if that sort of thing scares you feel free to go watch a cartoon on youtube or something.

Sorry but I don’t have any pictures of naked men on the phone (wait!  i finally found one!!!!!).  Too bad.  And I also am sorry to say that these vintage lady pics (mostly from Spic and Span) are sadly pretty much completely void of women of any other skin color than white.

I’m working on a diversity post – that includes multiple areas of diversity.   🙂

Something to look forward to.  And since I’m actually posting on a more regular basis these days that post might not be too far off.  Yay!