Ok – first the love.

For some reason I keep holding out on you, me and everyone else involved with my scanned goods.  I don’t really know why.  It’s either my insouciantly irreverent lifestyle choice or plain ole laziness.  
You get to pick.  
Either way – suffice it to say that I have a relatively gargantuan accumulation of scanned goods that I regularly imagine myself posting on my blog for everyone’s enjoyment.  That’s about as far as I usually get though…..this soft-focus fantasy where there’s an incredible build up of orchestrated music (that is clearly meant to create the feeling of swelling hearts and genuine love felt by all) wherein I am posting groovy 70s/80s ephemera to my blog in a non-stop fashion – and there is a tear in everyone’s eye.  
Has that happened yet?  I think we all know the answer to that.  But I promise to you, my insane-asylum-dwelling-due-to-lack-of-CPCFCW-70s/80s-related-ephemera-posts, that I will post more of this stuff.  And soon.  I promise.   Really.  
So today I will just let you sit and stare at the wonders of some 80s stamps.  Up top there you can feel the love with some LOVE stamps where the V has been conveniently turned into a heart for some extra good feels.  
And down below here we have some stamps from the 1984 Olympics.  I like these a lot cause everyone has been turned into a cartoon.  Which is exactly the way everything should be.  Always.  
Sorry about the scuffy parts.  Some of the stamps got stuck together during a particularly humid moment in time and were rescued by me – but did not escape the event unscathed.  If you have photoshoppe you can fix them up a bit if you wish.  Or you can leave them scuffed up and be reminded of the trials and tribulations these 80s stamps have gone through.  
UPDATE (a few days later after some sleep and some clear minded thought attempts):  
Ya know.  Something tells me that those LOVE stamps aren’t genuinely 80s stamps.  Maybe it’s the 2002 there in the lower left corner. MAYBE?  YA THINK?  WHATTA GENIUS!!!  Sheesh.  Someone needs to stick a bag over my head and leave it there.  So basically what we’re looking at are some 80s THEMED stamps (for chrissake).  
I know I was fooled.