The other day I came across this set and decided to scan it and share it with whomever might be interested.  It’s an original Mlle. Le Normand tarot deck that was published by Charles Magnus Publishing Company – I believe around 1840 or so.  I haven’t really been able to find much info on this specific edition.  I guess you can buy a brand new reproduction of this deck just about anywhere these days – but this original one seems kinda rare.

Here’s some examples of the deck – which are lithographed cardboard cards that are really interesting.  I’ve never seen a tarot deck like this one.  But then again I’ve really only seen a few tarot decks in my life.

Three of the heart cards have upside down hearts in the upper left corner.  Funny.
And there are these star cards that are also the Aces.  I don’t know what that weird pencil-looking mark is there next to the star.  I didn’t do it.
And there are these two elaborately drawn lady and man cards that are really cool.
The deck came with a few inserts, including an instruction sheet and 86 page booklet that describes how to use the deck and what all the cards mean.

As you can see by the instruction sheet the card layout is a bit complicated and the instructions pretty vague – so if you are interested in actually using this deck I suggest checking out some additional instructions online.

Anywho…I scanned the whole thing – 54 card deck, 86 page book, instruction sheet in English and German, and an advertisement sheet for additional Charles Magnus products – at 300 dpi and cropped it all nice and neat and put it all in a zip file here for you.

Download Here

Have fun!