This here post is part 2 of a 2 part cellar bacchanalia post-a-thon.  In part 1 – called “Home Sweet Home: Dead Silence, Funeral Home & Other Random Cellars,” along with the two main movies that I delved head first into dissecting in my authoritative and astoundingly academic manner, I mentioned a bunch of movies that all give me this certain, kinda hard to articulate, vibe.  It’s a big old house that’s isolated and may or may not have a cellar OR a big house with a cellar that may or may not be isolated AND/OR it might have little doors inside.  And it could be blue.  But that’s sort of one of the more sideline type of qualities.  But not all movies with big old houses with cellars give me this same vibe.  And I’m even thinking of one in particular – A Name For Evil – that is isolated, huge, has a cellar AND a secret passageway and that movie does not fit into my special vibe category.  Maybe it’s cause the movie isn’t particularly creepy.  It’s got some interesting things going on – but all in all it’s a little on the boring side.

Anyway…a while back Kindertrama did a really great review of The Silent Scream where, in the comments section, I (in a particularly long-winded fashion, I might add) mentioned this special feeling or vibe I get with certain movies – but unfortunately I wasn’t long winded enough to articulate this vibe thing.  Actually the long-winded part was where I went on and on about a house I was squatting in and how much it freaked me out.  So clearly I am not very capable of articulating my vibes but simultaneously have no problem making a fool of myself by pointing out my idiocy to others.  I’m really just hoping that in the grand scheme of things that the small personality flaw(s) I have will, in some way, have some sort of general uplifting effect in making other people feel better about themselves – and that they’ll be all “Wow, at least I’m not afraid to go up some stairs and take a shower like that chick!”  So, if that’s you that said that  (don’t lie, I heard you) then I’m glad I could help you out.  And if you’re ever feeling low and you need your spirits lifted just come on by and I might tell you about the time I jumped up real fast and tore a muscle in my leg cause I was excited that a boyfriend of mine was making popcorn.  Or I might thrill you with tales of times I tripped and fell or bonked my head while leaping down some stairs.  Or I might just start by mentioning that every single freaking day I trip over this one stubby branch thing that is sticking out of the ground on my path to go and see my geese and chickens.  Every single freaking day.  Man.  Why don’t I just get my branch cutters out and cut the damn thing down?  I don’t freaking know!  Cause I forget about the stupid stubby branch thing the very second after I trip on it – every single freaking day – until the next day when I trip on it again – going both ways!  Wow.  You must have been feeling pretty bad cause I wasn’t planning on telling that story.  You sucked it right out of me.

So, I remember that Silent Scream review and the paragraphs of comments I so fervently typed like it was yesterday.  But the thing I remember most (cause I swear to god I don’t remember going on and on about that house in Staten Island like that) was thinking about how I felt when I watched Silent Scream and that one of the other movies I felt a similar way about was Salem’s Lot.  And after I had that thought I seriously was all “Salem’s Lot?  What the fuck?”  Cause Salem’s Lot and The Silent Scream are really nothing alike.  Except in this vibe way.

I’m not really sure why I’m going on and on about the mysterious vibe and the special feelings and so forth, cause I’m not sure I can, even today, elucidate my special feelings in any kind of articulate way – other than to say there can be two (or more) really different movies, made at different times and that are about completely different subjects that have a very similar vibe to me.  And I think a lot of other people have their own special sets of movies with their own special sets of vibes and special feelings.  I’ve heard it mentioned!  I know I’m not the only one!

So without further droning on and on, I bring your RANDOM CELLARS WITH SPECIAL VIBES!

That pic up top there is from a movie called The Comeback.  It doesn’t give me that special vibe – I just liked that picture.  The Comeback always reminds me of other random British movies – like the one where the guy runs around town killing women by strangling them with a scarf.  I don’t remember the name of that one though.  But The Comeback does have this scene in it that always makes me very very excited.  It’s very similar to a scene in an unsolved name that trauma that I did on Kindertrauma way back when I first found that site.  In the scene in The Comeback Bosley from Charlie’s Angels is sitting in front of a mirror in makeup.

I won’t go into my name that trauma scene cause you can go over there and read about it if you’re really that interested.  But that movie, that I still don’t know what it is, totally freaked my shit when I was a kid – especially this part where a woman sits down at a mirror like this and takes off her wig and you realize for the first time in the movie (at least I did) that it was really a man.  
When I first saw The Comeback I froze when I was watching this scene cause I thought that maybe this movie was somehow going to turn into that other movie – but it didn’t.  
So I guess I’ll start with Salem’s Lot.
The house is nice and big and creepy and isolated
And has a nice front porch with some good weathered action
For some reason I vaguely recall someone saying something about how this house really doesn’t exist – it’s just a facade that has a big built up back part or something.  That makes sense when you see the cellar.  I mean it’s a good cellar with a good vibe – but it totally also has that sound stage vibe.  
It’s just this one room but they try to make it seem really huge.  
Unfortunately it doesn’t really work that well.
This is the same stairway but looking from the outside in through some of those big horizontally/diagonalish cellar doors.
So, even though this cellar is a bit sub-par on the insanely huge cellar front and there’s no canning jars to be seen for miles, it does have a very special feature that totally pushes it over the edge on the vibe action.  It has a little door.  
I guess it smells pretty bad in that room behind the little door.
Yep.  Vampires.  
But the creepiest part – the best part that utilizes the little door in such a cool way is next.
We see David Soul wresting with the head vampire who is laying in the coffin that the two of them dragged out through the little door.
And during all the commotion we keep switching back to Lance Kerwin all sad-sacked out on the floor cause he twisted his ankle and can’t help kill the head vampire.  But then, through the little doorway, we can see the other vampires sneaking up on him!!!
It’s a pretty harrowing span of time and a really great use of one of the best possible features anyone could ever add to their creepy old house – the little door.  
Here’s Lance closing up the little door so those pesky secondary vampires stay in their room.
At least he could help out a little with his sprained ankle.  
Next up is The Silent Scream…
which I’m sure you’re all “It’s about freaking time!  Could you have gone on any longer about this movie without actually saying a goddamn thing about it?”  Sorry.  I do that.  
I don’t have an external pic of the house but if you went to that Kindertrauma post up there to read my idiotic ramblings then you saw the pic they posted – as well as the comparison pic for movie Spider Baby where they used the same house.  
What I want to talk about first is how bizarrely huge this pull-tab can of Olympia beer looks.
Am I wrong?
It just looks so big to me.
And I don’t think it’s just the size of the chick cause it looks big compared to that guy too.  But it could just be how close it is to the camera in this shot (I know that was what you were thinking but you didn’t want to say it cause you didn’t want to make me feel bad.  Thanks for that.).  
You know The Silent Scream, while fitting into this particular vibe group here, also reminds me of another movie – The Unseen – which actually, when I think about it, might actually be one of the peripheral movies for this vibe group.  It’s got the isolated house and the cellar – but what makes me connect the two is the heating duct action in both movies.  But really, I think The Unseen could fit into this group.  I’m not sure though.  I can’t really get a grip on the vibe of that movie right now.  And I haven’t done any screen grabs for that one.  Maybe you should do a double feature with these two movies – esp if you haven’t seen one or both of them!  Then you could get back to me with your own thoughts on the whole vibe thing.  
So what I’ll just run through here really quickly is the cellar and the little door (yes!) and the wildly wandering, meandering hidden stairway that goes on for freaking ever. 
This cellar is extra cool cause – I don’t know if you can tell but that brick part is like a half wall with a whole other room with a window behind it there.  So freaking cool!
So here is the little door
and this is the first flight of stairs
and the next
and the next
and the next
and the next
seriously I’m not making this shit up!  I mean I know that they probably shot the same narrow staircase over and over so that it seemed like it was all these separate staircases – but the reality of the situation is IN THE MOVIE there’s like 5 staircases in between the walls in this house that connect the little door in the basement with this hallway type thing
that leads to….
a little door-esque hole in the wall that the chick gets sucked up into!!!!!
Oh no!!
I’m not gonna tell you any more cause I already spoiled too much if you are planning out your Silent Scream/Unseen party.  
Now, I mentioned Silent Night, Bloody Night and Cathy’s Curse in that other post, and unfortunately I don’t have access to my copies of those movies right now cause 99.9% of my possessions are still being held hostage in boxes in a small shed at the moment.  I know, you’re all “How long has your stuff been all squirreled away in storage now….6 months or something?”  Yes, that’s how long it’s been.  I really do wonder if I actually want any of that stuff anymore, since I’ve been able to successfully live without any of it for a very long time.  But there are some things I just know I couldn’t give up.  Like my 3 50 packs of crappy horror movies (that include Silent Night, Bloody Night and Cathy’s Curse) and my little 50s style teeny tiny train people.  I think about those people a lot.  I want to make stuff with them someday.  I really do.  But I also keep having fantasies of being able to fit everything I own into a few bins in the back of my pick up truck and just driving away.  I wouldn’t be able to sleep very comfortably in the truck though.  It’s pretty small.
Anyway, what I do have are a few screen grabs from Black Christmas.
Not really much going on here in the way of excitement.  But this scene is pretty creepy when the chick is being stalked by the person outside the window while she’s down in the basement here.  So the basement isn’t featured super heavily, and like I said in the other post, the house isn’t really isolated cause it’s a sorority house that is surrounded by other houses on the street.  But I think it’s the isolated feeling that the snow gives the movie, plus the fact that the whole movie is genuinely creepy that puts it smack dab in this vibe category I got going on here.  In fact I think that along with one or more of the features I mentioned at the beginning of this post – in order for a movie to make it into this vibe group it has to also be creepy.  Now Cathy’s Curse I don’t really know about.  It’s been a long time since I’ve seen it and I know it’s not really creepy or anything – but for some reason I’ve always had it in this vibe category.  I’ll have to watch it sometime soon maybe and do an update or something.  Or I won’t.  Wouldn’t that be a surprise.
Well, that’s it.  This is by far not anywhere near the tip of the ice burg of cellars in horror movies by any means.  It’s just the ones I came up with off the top of my head that have been swimming around in a pool together in my brain for a while now.  
So go read it all.  And don’t forget all the links and whatnot, cause there’s gonna be a quiz tomorrow.  I’m going to be visiting each and every one of your homes to preform and oral exam to see how good your retention level is.  And I will be expecting treats, and a full lunch if I wind up at your house around the noon hour.  
See ya around.