Christian (no relation)
This weekend I made a special trip up to Portland (which is now about 3 1/2-5 1/2 hours away from where I live, depending on your route of choice) and wound up watching American Psycho with a friend.  I had seen it once, way back when it came out, and after reading the novel.  I own a copy, but never really felt up to watching it again.  
Basically I was kinda scared.  I wasn’t sure I wanted to watch the harrowing, doom filled, psycho film that I remembered.  
It turns out that my friend felt exactly the same – after having seen the film long ago but not having previously read the book.  So we figured we be safer if we watched it together.  And then as the end credits were rolling we were both all….huh?
It was so much tamer than we both remembered and, although we were watching the “uncut version,” we couldn’t figure out what would have even been cut out.  I found this interesting, especially considering we did not both have the influence of having read the, considerably more graphic, novel beforehand.  
As you may have noticed, this isn’t a movie review blog – so I’m not going to go into the reasons why I think any of my findings about American Psycho are good or bad or what they mean or why you should care.  What I am going to do is show you something cool.
After the movie was over I went on over to imdb – as I quite often do (and just as often kick myself for reading the stupid forum threads – ack!), but this time all I did was look up the movie and Christian Bale.  And lo and behold I saw the photo that every single person has probably seen who has at some point exclaimed “My god Christian Bale looks like James Brolin!”  And right after that they exclaim, just like me, “Josh Brolin doesn’t even look as much like James Brolin as Christian Bale does for chrissake!”  We marveled at this for a while and laughed and looked at more pictures of James Brolin.
Then I swept my friend into my crafty realm cause I remembered a photoshopped pic I did of a progressively crazier and crazier James Brolin from Amityville Horror.  
I really love this photo/montage thing.
And I thought, since my friend is a big Christian Bale fan, that I would further dazzle her, myself, you and whoever is standing in the room with you, with an American Psycho/Christian Bale pic-o-rama.  
In this pic montage here he’s not really getting crazier and crazier, cause he’s pretty much just crazy all the way through – so it’s like a mixed bag of psycho feel-good shots.  

So there you have it.

And I’m not even gonna tell you (ok, I am) the story of the first time I heard the Josh Groban rendition of O Holy Night on the all xmas radio station during xmas about 5 years ago and, being the eternally confused person that I am, thought that the radio announcer said that the singer was Josh Brolin and then, being the even more eternally confused person that I am, pictured in my head Christian Bale (who ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE JAMES BROLIN ANYWAY) singing O Holy Night.

Seriously.  I did.

Instead of this guy.

Josh (no relation)

In fact, I think I still kinda do.

UPDATE:  Ok – here’s a special, interactive, treat for you.  Play the video below, then scroll back up to the American Psycho/Christian Bale montage and stare at that while you listen to the song and you’ll get a really clear image of what it looks like inside my head.