It’s my birthday and I’ll go-go if I want to….

but what I’d really love for my birthday is if you all go-go’d along with me!  I’ve chosen some of my most fave dance music and crammed it all together into a small computerized package (how present-day-futuristic of me, I know!) so that we can all get down and groovy together!  
What we’ve got here in this mix is a mish-mash of stuff that I’ve had in my possession for a while, as well as stuff I have procured from the friendly music bloggers that I have had the good fortune to find throughout the last couple of years.  I can’t tell you how geeked I am to have these peeps on my radar, and I’d like to put them somewhere within the reach of your radar too, if you’ll let me.  
Most of the tracks listed below belong to a larger collection (album or comp) that some groovy someone posted on their very own blog, so I have provided you, my rabid, foamy-mouthed reader, with a few options….
1)  check out the links below on the song name for each track – most (not all) of those are links to the you tube video for that song.  That way you can decide if you want to even download anything here.
2) check out the links on the artist name for each track and/or the album name.  Each of these links goes to EITHER the full album download OR some info about the artist (or the dead link from the blog I originally got the album from – more about that down below)
3) check out the Birthday A Go Go links below and get, what I consider to be THE BEST dance mix of the year.  And I’m sure you will all agree!  Ok – well, most of you…well, I guess a few of you will like it…..alright, alright – I agree.  I love this music, and I really don’t care if you don’t – but I hope you do!!!
4) keep reading down below the tracklist for some other non-dance-mix, but birthday-gift related links, just for you!

Now, I will tell you that there is a very wide variety of music here ranging from old to contemporary and it’s all from a bunch of different countries.  So prepare yourself.  And by that I mean rub yourself down with a jar of Nutella or some olive oil scented with exotic perfumes…and commence with the dance party!!!


1. Flowers – Various Artists – Russ Meyer Original Motion Picture Soundtracks: Motor Psycho/Mudhoney/Finders Keepsers Lovers Weepers  Groovy movie audio track to get you in the mood.

2. Gangster Story – Guido & Maurizio De Angelis – The Inferno Music Crypt Presents Quentin Tarantino’s “Death Proof” – Stuntman Mike’s Mix (Side B)

3. Masa Remadja – The Friendly Group Aria – Bersemi Lagi  To be honest I could have made the entire  dance mix just this song 29 times and been perfectly happy 🙂

4. Blackula – Jacks – Samakos9 Presents – Garage For Sale Vol.2

5. B1 – TLP-9906

6. We Got Some (Part 1 & 2)Chris Joss – Presents Monomaniacs Volume 1

7. Nakra D&B Mix (Heavy) – Achanak – 20 Years Of Bhangra

8. Trouble – Lada Edmund Jr.

9. The Hellraisers – Syd Dale – Spider-Man From The KPM Vaults

10. Bee Charmer – Esrevnoc – EB – Esrevnoc Better

11. Pee Sod Sing Sing (really, I’m single) – Sornchai Makaweechia  The scan of this 45 alone (topmost 45 pic up there) is worth more to me than my weight in gold, but the song is good too.

12. Go On Then – Gunilla Thorn

13. Chak Chai Thueng Chai – Don Sonrabiap – Rong Thang Chut   Here’s the (video for original version of this Thai disco cover)   I think I could listen to this song 29 times in a row too.  No foolin.

14. Laisse Tomber Les Filles – April March – The Inferno Music Crypt Presents Quentin Tarantino’s “Death Proof” – Stuntman Mike’s Mix (Side B)

15. Lagu2 Tonic Chop Gajah – Oleh Sangam Boys – Tonic Chop Gajah  This song may not be on here 29 times – but it will feel like it after it gets stuck in your head 🙂

16. The Chinese Association – Joey Boy – Thailand Rap Hit

17. Russian Roulette – Nevegans – Surf Creature 1

18. Jogi – Panjabi MC – Beware

19. Si Perusuh – Ernie DjohanDisco   Here’s the (video for original version of this Indonesian cover), I’m pretty sure, but the funny thing is is all of Boney M’s songs kinda sound the same so it could actually be any one of these.  But I’m pretty sure it’s Ma Baker.  There’s another Boney M cover on the full album.

20. Sister Sister – Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her – 17

21. 3 – Maurice Patton and the Melodians – tke2222

22. The Protest – Gayamyan 假音人 – My Dream My Way My Indie Music Rebecca Pan 潘廸華

23. DiodoBlue PhantomDistortions

24. G’ed Up Ride – dj BC/Snoop Dog/The Vines – Illicious Boots Vol. 1

25. Dip Again – Elephant Man ft. Ding Dong

26. 风生水起 – Fama – 農夫 – Wind and Water Rising – 风生水起  I have listened to this song at the VERY LEAST 29 times – and I’m still listening.

27. Stand Up Dance (Glassbreaks mix) – dj BC/Dizzee Rascal/Philip Glass – Glassbreaks

28. 1 – Maurice Patton and the Melodians with Chai Chen – tke2274

29. Unknown Bollywood Movie – If anyone knows what movie this song is from please, please tell me.

Now, if you made it this far you either a) skipped ahead or b) made it all the way through the maze of links and your head is swimming with all kinds of groovy goodness right now and/or c) you found some dead links and were all WHAT UP?!?!

Yeah, I know.  It’s such a bummer to find dead links, especially when you find something you are sooo geeked about that your heart starts pounding and you start breathing really really heavy (and that’s what I’m guessing happened to you when you got to either the Hellraisers video or the Boney M mega mix or the Joey Boy or Fama songs – I know how powerful they all are).

Unfortunately many many links are dead these days – and one of my most favorite blogs, Funky Frolic, just had the shit kicked out of his Mediafire account and all of his precious, groovy, insanely cool Mediafire links are dead.  The reason I linked to him is because he gives really great info on the music he posts and he is just a really cool guy – and I totally think you should spend some time over there.  Dead links or no.  And he’s still posting stuff too!

Anyways, one of my most favorite things I have downloaded, not only from his site, but EVER, is this Trunk cd called Dirty Fan Male.  It’s some dudes reading a bunch of letters that had been written to porn stars and Page 3 girls, and in funny voices.  If you download anything today, and you are adult-content minded like me, DOWNLOAD THIS!!!!  I have uploaded my own copy that I got from Funky Frolic – and I hope you don’t mind Mr. Craig.  I just can’t let this one sit idly by and not be listened to!!  And when you do, you must pay very close attention to Martin.

So, if you come across dead links up there, and there is no other source posted, and you want it real real bad, you’re gonna have to find your own source (or whisper to me what you want in my ear and I may upload it here – but that’s not really my thing right now, so you’ll have to be real nice).

Next up, I’m just going to provide links to other stuff I have uploads of (like the nudie card deck, the Derriere Mag (vintage butts), and the Peter Pan Record) that I’m just gonna provide here all together.  In fact I’ll just make it all neat and orderly for you…

Birthday A Go-Go Dance Mix Titled “Allow for the Swinging Rear” PART 1 Zip PART 2  Zip (I moved this baby to two Mediafire links in order to increase your timely-good-times feels and reduce your this-is-taking-forever feebangs) (also – I reimported the mix into itunes and it went in all out of order (why does it do that?) and I did have a flow in mind when I made it – but if it doesn’t flow, it doesn’t flow.  there’s not much I can do about it.  And your flow may not be my flow anyways.  The files of the tracks are all numbered and the tracks are numbered in itunes – so, what-freaking-ev, itunes.)  (also #2 – all but one track have their original album art attached – but if you want the cover I made to be attached and you don’t know how to do it just let me know and I can give you the 411 on that 🙂 )

Dirty Fan Male (same link as when I screamed DOWNLOAD THIS!!! at you a couple seconds ago)

Nudie Card Deck

Derriere Magazine Issue No 1 (most of, but not the full mag)

Peter Pan Rocking Horse Children’s Record

Now this is what I call a mother-flipping birthday present!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you to everyone involved in making this birthday dance mix!!!!!!!!  XOXO!

Now go GO-GO!!!!!!