I suppose if you’re under the age of, like, 40, you don’t know what a black and white TV is.

Too bad for you.

And I guess unless you’re inside my brain like I am you don’t know what the idea of a black and white TV being on somewhere in the house does to me.  It does a lot.  I won’t go into the details of my weird black and white TV fixation, but I’ll just say that it involves a fantasy of laying on a single bed in a SRO hotel and watching one.

The reason I’m posting this here goodness is partly cause I haven’t posted anything in a while, partly cause I was doing a bit of reupping (yes, I DID say reupping – am I good or what?!?), partly cause I really dig this soundtrack, partly cause I would like to pass on some groovyness to my loved ones and those that love me, and partly cause there’s lots of boobies to be had by everyone involved.

But the main reason I chose to share this particular download (it’s not mine – I’ll direct you to it in a sec.  Just keep your pants on) is cause I was listening to it the other day and I TOTALLY got that vibe that there was a black and white TV on somewhere.  I mean it would have had to have been really small and, like, in a cupboard or something in order for me not to see it – but seriously – I was in heaven.  The thing that’s so great about this particular soundtrack is that there is dialogue scattered amongst the really really groovy music, and it’s so corny and just plain old black and white TV sounding and it is just sooo cool.  I really wish there were more soundtracks exactly like this.

So, if you want to be transported back to the days of yore, when the TVs were giant hulking squares (or teeny squares, as the case may be with the portable models.  I actually had a Sony Watchman when I was in high school – which would be like watching a black and white You Tube video in the palm of your hand) or if you want to pretend that you are staying at an old timey flop-house SRO and have just settled down for the evening with your box of Chinese take-out on your stained single mattress to watch an episode of Perry Mason (xoxo), then BY ALL MEANS go HERE.

Forgot these…