Ok.  Did someone slip some pep pills into my Farina or something?  Cause I’ve been updating this here blog alarmingly regularly this week.

I wasn’t even planning on posting anything at all today.  It’s just that it has come to my attention that there’s some cool shit going on out there that you all really need to familiarize yourselves with.

I’m talkin about horror.  And I’m talkin about that rock and roll music that the kids used to listen to (I don’t know what the hell kids listen to these days). And I’m talking about videos that are so groovy they will make you feel like a kid listening to rock and roll music….and watching a horror movie SIMULTANEOUSLY.

A while back I came across this mother flipping, groovy-ass video.

I don’t remember how I found it – so I  cannot credit anyone for bringing it to my attention.  I’ll just take the credit.  Heh.  It’s some band that I’d never heard of called Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats and they made a nifty video for this song – and at least one other from what I can tell – out of clips from old 70s horror movies.  Yay!  Talk about your proverbial peanut butter and chocolate combo (I’m sure you’ve all heard the old pb&choc proverb).

Anywho…they’re not the only ones doing it either.

A while back, on this here blog here, this dude posted a few fan videos some folks made for some songs they like by this here band here.  And if you want a special treat you can go here and get a pep pill for your own Farina.

And…last but not least, recently a friend of mine started making her very own groovy horror/rock vids…

She’s an Argento fan – so she matches the movies with the music and comes up with some pretty cool shit.  Unfortunately someone thought that seeing Suspiria clips on a 3 inch screen was going to knock the earth out of it’s orbit – so that nifty video was immediately banned, for your protection and mine.

Thank god we have people helping us make these difficult life choices or we would just go blind from having too much fun!

Anyway – she’s gonna make more so check her youtube channel again soon!

So a big thanks to these folks that take the time to make these videos.  They are freaking COOL!!