I’ve been kinda obsessed with pancakes lately.  
And not just b-fasty, sweet ones either.  
I actually didn’t really ever think about not sweet ones till a few years ago when I was reading this book, which I HIGHLY recommend, btw.  In there, some person makes this really small, offhand comment about adding some of their lacto preserved, shredded carrots or herbs or something to their dinner pancakes – and my brain just about exploded.  I did a bunch of searches to find out more about these dinner pancakes with (or without) pickled items in them, and really didn’t come up with much.  Sadly, I have yet to make them.   I didn’t successfully lacto pickle any carrots last year, but that’s really no excuse, cause I did tons of mature onion tops that probably would have worked just fine.  
I just didn’t do it.  
But lately I’ve been thinking about all those great Indian pancakes that I love so much.  Mostly they are soaked rice and lentils or split peas that are then pureed and used like you would naan or whatever with the rest of your Indian foods.  Or as a dessert, if they are sweet.  
But I’ve also been thinking about crepes, and then there’s the fab Korean pancakes that are seriously good too.
Then, the other day, I saw this comment on a Chowhound thread and it sounded so good so just decided to start experimenting.
So the other night I soaked about 1/2 cup or so of some green split peas and last night I blended them in my Vitamix (I’m sure if you have a regular blender it would work too) with water just to the top of them and 2 cloves of garlic, some salt and some cumin.  That’s it.  I fried them in oil and ate them with a cilantro chutney/chimichurri sauce, raita and some kabobs and they were really really good!  Sorry, I didn’t take pics of the cakes or of me being really happy while I ate them.  You’ll have to use your imagination.  
Then, this morning I decided to go for it with some whole buckwheat I’ve got a whole half gallon jar of.  I soaked a cup of the whole, raw buckwheats for about an hour (buckwheat doesn’t need to soak for very long at all), put them in the Vitamix with water to cover, some home made strawberry syrup (I never did a post on the straw syrup I made so you’ll have to live with my other syrup posts – but let me tell you – that strawberry syrup is prob the best I’ve ever made or had!  Seriously.), an egg, about 1/2 tsp of baking powder and a splash of lemon juice (you may need to add a bit more water, but try it this way first), fried them up and ate them with some home made seedless blackberry jam.  They were a little dense – so you could add some regular whole wheat or some other flour to them (plus some additional liquid) if you want – but I kinda liked them this way.
Here’s an action shot of the frying.  The pancake isn’t moving, but I am.

So, anyway…I highly recommend trying this technique.  Whole grains and beans and lentils and whatnot are really healthy and it works really well.  Plus soaking them is all the rage and super good for you – according to just about every healthy type who is running amok on ye olde internette.  
Ok – that’s about all I have to say for now.  Aren’t you glad I finally did a food post?  
Now go make some cakes in a PAN!
Yay for all of us!!