Just a pic for a little somethin’ to look at.  Cause I know you need it.

As you may have figured out by now, esp if you are a rabidly insatiable follower of this blog – or even a mid-level dallier, or a schmo-like skulker much like myself – there never has been, nor will there ever be any consistency in subject matter here.   I thought there was for a while – but now I know.  Maybe it took me longer to figure that out than it took you.  Lucky you.

I do commend all my readers and fanatical followers for bearing with my, not only, haphazzard posting habits, but also the wildly vacillating themes of things I decide to throw at you.  Once again, lucky you.

So, today I wanna talk about music.  A while back I did something that thrilled the hell out of me.  I figured out how to transfer a taped copy of an old children’s record to mp3 format and I shared it here for all the world to download and smile while listening to.  I was so psyched that I figured it out myself (well, I got a little help) and that, even though it was just one small record, I was able to give something back to the music collecting folks out there.  And maybe even someone who used to listen to this record as a kid would find it and would be even more psyched than me!  That would make me happy.

Along with my loser posting habits, I also have loser updating-my-blogroll habits.  There are a lot of blogs out there that I like – and some that I love – and a few that I love so much I wish they would sneak into my bed at night and stay there.  One of those is Kindertrauma – but they don’t talk about music much – so I’ll just make goo-goo eyes at them for a sec and move on.

So, since I have already said today is about music – I will now list the music blogs that I love a whole lot, the ones I just plain love and the ones I simply like (but don’t feel bad) – all of which I skulk around in A LOT – and so as not to hurt anyone’s feelings they are in no particular order whatsoever.  And if you are not in my blogroll (it’s the “fancy blogs I dig” column over there on the right – down a little – no, you passed it – up a little – yeah, there) you will be someday.  Lucky you!

I’m gonna link to a music post I really dig so you can get the gist what they got to give, and what I want to take.

Funky Frolic – The album I linked to is very adult, but quite possibly the funniest thing I’ve ever heard.  MASSIVE amts of goodness here.

Magic Carpet Burn – This is like kiddie monster music heaven!  Unfortunately it’s no longer updated -but there’s so freaking much there!  Go and get geeked out about Shrimpenstein like me!  And scroll all the way down and check out the monster radio thing!  This dude has another blog that is a little on the heavy side for me in my old age – but this Tortura set KILLS me.  You may dig the metal there too though so check it out.

Goodnight Whatever You Are – There’s a lot of cool stuff here – but this album in particular is an 80s Portland punk band that I saw COUNTLESS times in the mid 80s at the Satyricon – and was so psyched when I saw he had it posted.  I never thought I’d hear them again.  So funny.

Madrotter – This blog gets updated so often that it’s hard to keep up!  But if you’re into 50s-80s Indonesian and Asian music of all types, go here and go crazy.  He also had another blog that has/had TONS TONS, I mean TONS of stuff on it – but a lot of the links are dead due to the fucksteins that shut down Megaupload and almost everything else – so check it out…but you efforts may not amount to much.

Which actually brings me to some advice I’d like to dole out – if you want any of this cool music I’m going on and on about GET IT NOW!  NOW, I tells ya.  Don’t hesitate or dawdle – seriously – a lot  of this shit is disappearing faster than the pages are able to load and it makes me cry.  In fact, some of these dl links may already be dead.  😦

Bodega Pop – The title of the blog really says it all.  I really like this album.

Hard…Raw…Deep..Funk – Oh…Yes…Get…It…On…Baby!!!!!  There is a TON of cool shit here!

Lounge Legends – Grand!  All the good ez listening music you can ever hope for.  Lefevre forevre!!

Sideshow Cinema – Before you get all excited I think a lot of his links (def this one) are dead.  I’m just showing you what I was particularly psyched about and what you could have had if you had moved in a more timely fashion.

Sleazy Listening – Seriously, so much cool shit, so little time and bandwidth.

Inferno Music Vault – Lots of OOP horror soundtracks.  Lots of dead links too.  😦

Vinnie Rattolle’s – Lots of dead links on this blog that is going away – but some cool stuff is still there.  I’m really gonna miss this one.

Blaxploitation Jive – Dig it.

Smutshake Cupcake – I want everything this person has ever posted about.  Everything.

Mining the Audio Motherlode – The granddaddy of all the daddies.

There are, like, a hundred other music blogs in my reader that I look at throughout the day – plus a bunch that are dedicated solely to xmas music.  I should do a post like this when that time comes around again.  So if you want more recommendations feel free to let me know.  But if you’re in the market for cool, free, OOP shit – there’s a lot to choose from right here.

And I’d like to thank all these cool music blog people for making my life a much happier place to be!

Update – Sorry, I had to knock the last three blogs off the labels cause of blogger rulz.  One more sad face 😦