A while back I posted a link to a zip file of scans of a great nudie deck that could be printed out and done with whatever one might do with a bunch of naked ladies on cards.

It happened to be a very hit-upon post, but the rapidshare link expired, and I kept meaning to re-upload the zip – but alas, I suck.  That is, I sucked until someone actually said something in the comments section and I kinda felt like I should try to suck less.  
So it is now re-uploaded for your viewing, downloading, printing, card-making, game-playing and whatevering pleasure.   The updated download link is HERE, as well as on the original post.  I am hoping that I have turned over a new leaf and that my sucking will cease completely and that I will, not only re-upload this file on a more timely basis, but that I will also update my blog on a more timely basis.
I had promised sexy xmas picture from old Playboys, and I never came through.  I guess that means I need to double up on the vintage soft-core porn in the future so as not to disappoint the masses of fans that I can always hear chanting my name outside my window.  
Or are they saying barrel.

Link updated again on 4/12/12 – yay!!!!!