Mmmk… this is my first blog post in well over a week, so I’m right back on track.  
I’m still working on my horror quilt – but in the down times I am still thrilling myself with horror movie houses that I want to share with you.

The movie house I currently have a huge crush on is from the French movie Them (or Ils, if you’re French).  It’s set in Romania and has both French and Romanian dialogue – which you don’t really get to hear/see much.  I was psyched.

I watched it for the first time this last Halloween weekend and I was pretty psyched about it.  The movie is actually kinda scary and boy, oh boy is it cool to look at.  This particular house might not be everybody’s cup of tea – but it reminds me a lot of a house I visited a few times when I lived in Romania.    It was the house of the head of the English department of the school that I taught at, and it was a very very old family home. She was always telling me how much work it needed cause it was so old and crumbling down – but holy shit it was freaking amazing.  Like the Them house it was all grey and stoney looking, with an overgrown yard area surrounding it.  Only the Them house is pretty isolated in the woods – which is exactly the way I like ’em!

One of my big house fantasies is a long driveway lined with deciduous trees that turn brilliant colors in the fall.  That’s not really what’s going on here – but it’s close enough – esp if you are capable of using your imagination to any degree.

The front gate is pretty nice – but it seems like it needs to be extended to the sides a bit, so as to keep out the riff raff.

Here is the front of the house.  It’s not super impressive from the outside, although the double staircases (both outside AND inside) are pretty freaking cool.

Right inside the front entry you can see the stairs that wind up on either side of the house to the second floor.

One of the things I love about the stairs and everything else in the house is the whole distressed, but not trashed, look.  I’ve had enough of distressed AND trashed to last me 5 more lifetimes.

Here’s the cute couple racing each other up the two sets of stairs.

Pretty damn cute!

See that wooden thing above the guy’s head?  We’ll come back to that later.

And here is the upstairs hallway with some more good times – which will very quickly come to an end.  But I’m all about the good times here at Craftypants Carol’s Fancy Crafty World.

Good Times!

Before we get any further into the inside of the house I’d just like to point out a very nice feature of the Them house that has only been featured in one other Home Sweet Home – that being a humongous greenhouse.

Here’s the chick walking up to the greenhouse – getting us all excited and whatnot, cause we know what’s coming. And then….blammo – the full on deal.

It’s kinda hard to tell from these pictures, but it’s actually two separate greenhouse rooms.  Too freaking cool!

Another really cool outdoor feature is this patio.  It’s kinda hard to tell where it is exactly, but it’s there, baby!

There’s also this really cool tile floor down the main floor hallway.  It’s like concrete tile or something – I don’t know, but I totally dig it.

Ok – so since we’re back inside and on the main floor I’ll just take you around a little.  But I’m saving the super highlights (kitchen, cellar) for last – doncha know!!

There is this really cool wall light and alcovey area in the main floor hallway.

And a really cool stairway and arch at the opposite end of the hall from the front door.

The living room is off this hallway somewheres, and here is a view from inside the living room of these great french doors that go in there.

There is also all this great furniture all over the place.  I’m not super into the leather couch – but check out these chairs.  Damn.

So next we take a trip upstairs to the master bedroom (there are clearly many bedrooms in this house however) and the master bath.  But first we’ll stop at the top of the stairs to stare at this thing.

There’s actually one at the top of each of the stairways that wind up to the second floor.  What is it? you may ask.  I don’t know, I am not afraid to tell you.  As you may already know from previous home posts,  I am pretty much completely and totally obsessed with little doors and windows and tunnels and so forth.  So this little cupboard kinda caught my attention.  It’s not like majorly conveniently located or anything since it’s placed right before the stairs end.  I honestly don’t know what you would need to stash as you are walking up the stairs – but whatever.  It’s cool.

So here, before we actually get into the bedroom, is more of the distressed action.  I’m totally aware that it could be all done intentionally – which, in my book, makes it only slightly lamer than the real thing.

And here’s the bedroom door from the inside – with the cool lock and door knob.

This is a nice daytime shot of the bedroom – with the nice paint job and nifty decor.

And this is looking from the opposite direction.  Note the little platform area that leads into the closet.  Cool!

And this is just a close up shot of the huge fireplace in the bedroom.

Then we go into the bathroom – which has a very nice claw foot bathtub.

And dig this groovy cabinet.  I love that thing!

Here you can see more of the bathroom cabinet, and…what is this?…a teeny door into the attic!  Oh yes!!!!!

Nothing better than a junk filled attic, I always say.  Actually I’m not saying that anymore – but it’s sure nice to look at – and imagine someone else cleaning.

So this here attic is kinda mind blowing.  It just goes on forever and ever and has multiple rooms and so much antique junk you could probably take up a case of canned peaches and live up there for a very long time.  Just in case of a zombie apocalypse or something similar.

There is even an additional stairway in the attic that goes up to a…what would that be…a super-attic (as opposed to a sub-basement).  So, yeah – there’s a SUPER-attic!

Here’s where it get’s even more wacky.  So there’s the super-attic at the top of the in-attic stairs, which leads to….you guessed it…a little window!!!!!

Which then leads to a long drop down to the regular attic level (I’m assuming) to a room that is full of hanging plastic sheets.  Now it would be easy to just write this whole area off as the outside of the house that is under construction (see exterior of house shot way way up there at the top), but I don’t think so.  There is this wooden wall biz that looks more like an unfinished interior wall…

and the scaffolding, which appears to be on the outside of this space.



Ok – so now that we have had an orgasm in the attic, we’ll finish it all off in grand style with the kitchen and cellar combo.

The kitchen is AWESOME.  I will just let it speak for itself, cause it does that soooo well.

Dig that funky stove!!!!

And the cellar…

Very, very nize.

Ok, so here were are running away from the house…

cause there’s one more place I wanna show you.  It is pretty mind blowing too.  A nearby bizarro cavernous underground set of tunnels and stuff.  Holy freaking cow it’s cool.

Which comes out here.  So what is it?  I DON’T KNOW!!!

So there you have it.  I think this one takes the whole freaking cake.  I love love love this house.  I don’t care that it’s way too freaking big for me – I DON’T CARE!  I love you Them house!

Especially if it comes with this TV (AND the TV show!)!