It’s Halloweentime and even though I’m not really being super Halloweenie this year, I did start a gigantor Halloween themed project.  The jist of the project is it’s a quilt that incorporates Halloween themed fabrics with embroidered squares.  I didn’t take a photo of the fabrics cause I’m lazy – but they’re all pretty contemporary patterns that I found at a vintage/used/resold crafty supply shop in Portland called Knittn’ Kitten.  It’s all got a pretty 90s vibe.  Nothing super special – but there is some funky metallic stuff and Halloween scenes and stuff.  I’ll post a pic of it all later when I get more into this whole thing.

The specifics are…ok, see there’s this site called Best Horror Movies and it has the usual reviews and lists and forums and whatnot – but they also have this questions page where you can ask one of those movie questions like…”what’s the movie with the guy and the thing and they go to the place and the lady gets killed and then….” (kinda like Kindertrauma – please don’t be jealous – I still love you with all my heart) and there are tons of pages of archives.  So, anyway, I get their feed in my reader and there are lots of people that post questions pretty much every day and after quite a while of seeing these headlines I realized how much I love them and look forward to them.  They are usually pretty funny cause the person who writes their question is usually trying to fit as much info as possible into the headline – so it’s all truncated and abbreviated but with interesting details.  One of the more recent ones is “Pig Leg in Baby Stroller in 70s Film.”  I mean how can your attention not be caught by that?  So for months I was reading them and laughing and checking to see if anyone had answered the questions, but I also kept thinking that I wanted to DO something with these funny titles.  So after a lot of laying around and staring at the dusty cobwebs on the ceiling I came up with this idea of choosing titles that I really like and embroidering exactly what I was reading into a square and putting it together in a quilt.  I toyed with the idea of adding the text but eventually thought it would be more fun to just have it be images.   So… is the very first square.  I chose something easy and I think it turned out pretty good.

Do you know what it is?  Do you want me to tell you?  Ok – but if you don’t want to know then cover your eyes for a sec.

The title is “Hissing Zombie in Rocking Chair.”

I have no idea what movie they are even referring to – but who cares!

I did another square that isn’t actually one of the Best Horror Movie headlines – it’s was sort of a practice one and I didn’t finish it all the way yet – but I like it.  

I’m pretty psyched about this whole endeavor.  I have really been wanting to work on my menacing embroidery skillz ever since I did the Robert Blake dish towel for my friend (skip down past the pork pie part) which came out alright – but not as menacing as I had hoped.