Ok, so yes, I’ve been laggin big time.  But that’s nothing too terribly new.  I mean, if you are a rabid follower of this blog then you know by now that I play fast and loose with your emotions by being slow and withholding with my posts.  By my calculations that makes for a very edgy, needy reader.  And that the way I likes ’em.

Also, I kinda feel like I’ve been laggin w/ Halloween in general this year.  I mean, I’ve been watching plenty of horror movies – but other than that it’s kinda been lo pro.  I have no decorations up – other than some pumpkins on my stone wall outside and a box of pumpkin/cat head shaped halloween peeps strategically placed on a windowsill above my kitchen sink – so I have a little Halloween something to look at while I wash dishes.  We have had a Halloween party for a couple years now – and we’re not doing that this cause cause we’re in the middle of a gargantuan move – or at least it kinda seems gargantuan.  Or at the very least kinda hectic.   So not much in the way of Halloween paraphernalia and hype around here.

So, anyway, you may already be aware that my wee This House Possessed tribute has been posted over at Made for TV Mayhem – so go read that, as well as everything else on Amanda’s amazing blog.  I seriously consider myself extremely lucky to have access to her encyclopedia-like knowledge of TV-dome.   And you should too, my edgy, needy reader.

Now on with some very nice views of a very nice home, sweet home and a small token of a Halloween celebration – with the castle in Dementia 13.

I had originally planned to do a whole post-spectacular on various horror movie castles because, not only are they virtually ubiquitous in horror movies, but also because they kinda all look alike.  Not in a bad way at all – I mean, I could stare at castles in horror movies forever – but after a while the screen grabs all start to look alike.  Then the other night I watched Dementia 13 for the first time – which is kinda odd cause I have known the name of this movie for ever.   But for some reason never watched it.  It’s got some good atmosphere and some nifty goings on – PLUS it takes place in an Irish castle – which is a-ok by me.  I’ll prob still do a “best of” type of post with lots of castles anyway.  Just so you don’t get too sad or anxious at the thought of missing out.

As you can see it’s a pretty standard castle.  The one thing I would probably change is all the crosses all over the place.  Who needs that.

It’s a little too churchy for me.  I’d probably need to hire someone to do some reconstructive action – unless I could just take that one cross on the very top and stick it in the cross shaped hole in the wall there.  I think it could work.

Along with the traditional castle exterior, we can see that the inside is pretty traditional as well – with ornate carved wood chairs, fancy arched doorways and molding, plus pillars and candelabras…etc.

Not to downplay the coolness of the basic castle accouterment – but we’ve seen it all before, so where I really want to focus is on some of the more interesting features of this particular castle.   The teeny doors.

The first one is a sort of a interior window/door that goes into the bedroom of a dead child.  I don’t quite understand the logistics of the whole thing.  Why is there a window going from a room into the hallway.  Who knows.  Who cares.  It’s freaking cool.

My copy of this movie is pretty mediocre – and some of the grabs are very murky – even though I did my best to lighten them up.

Another teeny door is one that goes into, what appears to be, or what is used as, an artists studio.

Apparently Frances Ford Coppolla thought it wouldn’t be as interesting to see men crawling through teeny doorways.   I kinda agree.

Here is a shot of the studio – which would be such a freaking cool crafty space.  Damn.  I need one of these!

Another amazing component to this castle – but then again it could probably be in just about any castle, but it’s damn cool – is this corridor.  It kinda looks like it would be in a cellar or something – but since probably 50 percent of this castle could be considered a cellar – it doesn’t really matter where it is.

Damn.  I love that.

Ok  – so now for some cool features around the grounds…

A stone barn

A stone wall with a door

A pond

A garden/cemetery right in the courtyard.

I know that usually I try to focus on (obsessed over) the kitchen in my horror homes – but these folks have a lot of help in the way of servants that take care of all that cooking drudgery – so the only scene even remotely tied to any kind of kitchen oriented action is this one with a servant lady near the table where people are eating and a guy is holding a knife.

I’m sure the facilities are more than adequate – but it would have been nice to at least catch a glimpse of some crocks or a big wood burning stove or something.

There’s some other stuff hanging around that castle that makes for some nice atmosphere.  Like this weird-ass axe wielding monkey toy.

And a lounging doll that gives off the vibe that says  – get it on!  At least to these folks.

So to sum up….

1. IRISH CASTLE – this feature alone ads like a bajillion points.
2. Massive amounts of cellar action
3. Pond
4. Stone features as far as the eye can see
5. Possibly some servants hanging around to help out
6. Teeny mother-freaking doorways

So we can see that this, as well as pretty much any other castle, ranks pretty damn high in Craftypants Carol’s world.  Then why, you may ask, doesn’t she already live in a castle?

Good freaking question.