It’s been a long, long time since I did up a horror movie house in Craftypants Carol fashion.  I figured it was about time – esp since fall and Halloween are just around the corner and I’m feeling it big time.
This here selection is a really great 70s Robert Altman flick called Images.  It stars super hotsy totsy Susannah York 
and Clayton from Benson.  Ok – that’s not fair.  He has been in about a thousand-million things since Benson – like Punky Brewster and Murder She Wrote.  Heh.  But really – he is great in this.  Only slightly Benson-y.   However, the big stars of this movie, as far as I’m concerned, are the apartment, the country house, and Susannah York’s groovy clothes.   
This is really more of a psychological thriller than straight up horror.  But there’s blood and stuff – and cool crazy people – which is always good.
I’ll try to keep the gab to a minimum here, since there are massive amount of screen grabs.  I highly recommend getting this movie (Netflix, through the mail) cause it is beautiful – and crazzayzy!  It totally reminds me of another Altman film, 3 women, which is very similar in feel – but totally different in scenery.  
We start off in the city apartment of the main couple – Susannah and Clayton.  She’s a writer and he’s a photographer.  The apartment,which is very fancy with it’s combo antique/modern decor, is in some city somewhere.  They may even say it in the movie – but I did these grabs, like, months ago.  So I can’t remember.  I’m guessing London.
See what I mean about the decor?  Antiquey…

antiquey and ornate in places, and modern in others…

and more modern lines and whatnot… plus a super freaking cool shower.

Mmmk – not much time is spent in the apt – so we will move on directly to the house in the country – where most of the action happens, and most of the dreamy love is felt – by me.

Here’s some shots of the exterior – and the incredible lake and surrounding forest.  Totally freaking isolated!


And surrounded by waterfalls and pastures and old trees and foggy fabulousness!

And this incredible vine covered wall.  I would kill to have some secret vine covered doorway to nowhere on my property.

Not to mention partially ruined stone walls to leap over.

There are even some outbuildings out back.   Maybe for farm animals or preserves or what-have-you.

I like that.

Here’s a close up of a groovy little balcony with majorly cool detailing on the eves and railing.

The living room area is super cozy and dark – with a giant stone fireplace.

The kitchen is through the door next to the fireplace – but there are so many doors and passageways!  Like secret rooms even!   In this shot you can see 2 different staircases to the second floor, two doorways into the kitchen, and some french doors that go out into a courtyard.

And here you can see that down the hallway there is a room with some stuff in it – we’ll come back to that later.

And here is a clearer view of the french – oh, I guess it’s a window – but there are doors next to it – and the stairway and a nifty bench.
And here’s where we turn the corner and head into the kitchen – which is freaking huge!
Oh, and we turned around real quick to see the living room again – from the kitchen.

So here, off to the right, is a sort of pantry.  It looks like it’s got the washer and dryer, and a cool little counter w/ a cupboard and drawers, and a shelf.  But there is another little room that seems to be the actual pantry…

right next door to the right.
So, here we are, coming out of the pantry, past the staircase, and we’re right in front of the french windows to the courtyard.  Which has a really freaking cool wind chime. There is a kinda similar one hanging from the rearview mirror of the car that you can see in the photo of the outbuildings.  
So then we go back out the doorway, into the living room area, and look back down that hallway to the room with the stuff in it, and we see more doors.
The door right behind her leads to a secret room under the stairs, which has another door on the other side of the stairway.  It’s hard to see what’s going on in these next two pictures, but there’s a mirror and Susannah and a girl and the door and it’s all just too freaking cool.  See the movie!

And at the very end we see a puzzle that Susannah has been putting together all throughout the movie.  It’s the house.  I know, I probably spoiled it for you.  But it’s not like the house is the killer and I revealed the killer.  It’s just a puzzle.  Kinda like the movie.   And Susannah’s brain.

I want a puzzle with a picture of my house on it.

Ok, so, I’m sure you’re thinking “where’s the root cellar?  what was the upstairs like?  why didn’t you take more pictures of Clayton?”

Well, I do freely admit that I have no idea if this place has a cellar.  I’d like to pretend that it does.  But there is no concrete evidence of a cellar, so we can either just say that the outbuildings out back had some sort of food storage capabilities, or we can all just live in a completely unrealistic dream world and say that there is a cellar…even though we didn’t see one.  I’m fine with either option.

Second.  The upstairs is cool.  Take my word for it.  Or better yet see the movie – cause it’s kinda hard to capture coolness in one shot sometimes.  Sometimes coolness comes with a panning effect and Craftypants Carol does not have the technology to show you little video snippets.  Oh wouldn’t that be great though!  Instead of still by still – it would almost be like I was a realtor and I was showing you a video of all of the percs of the house!  Only I would be the one buying the house.  Don’t go getting any ideas.

On imdb it says that it’s filmed in Ireland.  Big surprise – what with the gorgeousness and all.

So, lets rack up the points for the Images house (and apt)…

1.  Groovy Apt – esp if it’s included in the deal
2.  Awsomely Beautiful Grounds – with lake, waterfall, pasture, fog, etc
3.  Super Cool Old House
4.  Gigantor Kitchen
5.  Many Rooms – even secret ones!
6.  Cellar!  I mean come on – how could this place NOT have a cellar.  It’s in freaking IRELAND for crissake!  Where else are the potatoes gonna go.

Well, that wraps up the latest entry.  I hope the fallyness of this movie got you in the mood!  And I hope it helped cool off the folks in the greater Portland Area today – cause it’s a stinking 90-something degrees here.