Enough hype already!  Get ready to view the most devastating outfits of 1981 – to a 12-year-old mind anyway.  I’m sure there were some gals out there who were not as into this stuff as me – but who care about them!  This stuff is seriously awesome.  Mix n matched or mismatched or choose your own what-have-you to the max!

Ok – this first chick isn’t a very good representative.  First of all she’s in all white, for crying out loud.  Ech.  Second, she’s doing some kind of looser ten-hut pose that makes her look a little too silly for my tastes.

Here’s where it starts to get good.  A veritable all-sheets-to-the-wind technique of dressing.  Are they drunk?  Poor?  Blind?  No!  They are the height of fashion!  Ok – I never saw anyone in my school dressed like this.  Maybe the teens and young 20s kids in NYC dressed with this super bohemian, gypsy look – but the only place I saw this look back then was here.  

And as I mentioned in one of the August 1981 posts – I made a feeble attempt at dressing like this when I was in 6th grade – but was way too concerned with what my peers had to say (why oh why do we EVER think that shit is important?!?) so I never tried that again.  I have worn patterned stuffs here and there – but generally feel way too conspicuous in stuff with many clashing patterns – even though I seriously love the way it looks.  I guess that’s why I always make my purses in patchwork or something similar – so I can get away with it without feeling like I have a big arrow over my head, pointing at me and saying something like “look at the idiot.”
Even the conservatively dressed, equestrian gal looks cool with that Fair Isle patterned cardigan, layered over a shirt and under a jacket and with argyle socks.  
I’m not a big fan of the next girls sweater – but she still has that groovy look – so she’s ok in my book.  Plus she has a baby duck!!!!  What a great accessory!  

Ok – here’s that stupid coon-skin hat again.  What up Young Miss?!?  That is just ugly!  And stupid!  But the rest of her outfit is really good.  And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that other chicks outfit.  I love the red, I love the patterns, I love her hair.  If I could look like that every day for the rest of my life (and look good) I would die happy.

Ok – that was the main event.  There’s more, but let’s all just take a few deep breaths.  I know there was a lot of tension in the build-up and a lot of excitement during the looking at the pictures, so a breather is pretty much in order here.
So this next series of photos are not exactly my favorites.  There is one pair of pants that I really like – but all in all the clothes are pretty boring.  But I’ll post them so you can either laugh at them, or use them to come down off the high of the last set of photos.  
Get out your pens and paper to take notes, cause these are apparently all the fashions that boys love.  

I actually had a few pairs of earrings that were very similar to these.  They were all over the place in the early 80s – brightly colored spirals and geometric shapes.  Concentric circles and tri-angles within triangles.   There were also solid circles and squares that were painted one color with splashes of other colors on them.  Very snazzy.

These pants below are the ones I really liked.  I’m not a fan of the table cloth or the white shirt – but the pants and stockings and shoes and hair would be great with one of those mix n match outfits.  They would def have jazzed up that first all-white outfit.  

Ok – that’s it!  No more 80s action – unless I decide to post some of the articles about face regimens for different skin types, or teeny bopper night-ware.  Hmmmm….maybe I’ll have to do that.