Mmmmk…here we are again with a look at some wacko 80s fashions, and fabulous 80s ads, in the September 1981 issue of Young Miss.  And, by the way, I use the term wacko in the most endearing way possible because I totally freaking loved the way they dressed these girls up!  
In the last few posts we used a microscopic eye to examine the fashion choices of a variety of girls  – from Young Miss models in coon-skin hats to girls on the street across the globe – all from the actual back to school issue from August 1981. 
This issue, however, has no mention of back to school – but since it’s the month that school starts for most folks (and because it has my favorite, favorite favorite outfits in it!) I figured I’d do a post (maybe 2) on this issue as well.  
So we start off with the cover – and a pre-brat pack Ally Sheedy.  As you can see there is no mention of her on the cover – so it appears that she is merely a nameless model.  I forgot to check to see if there was even a small article about her in it – and sadly, I cannot remember and I don’t have the mag with me.  You’d think I’d be more up on these things…but no.  Actually you probably knew that I wouldn’t be up on it even before I said that.  You were probably all…”What else is new, crafty lady.”  
Anyway – if they do mention her in the mag – I know it’s either brief or not at all – cause there sure as hell ain’t no feature article about her in it.  Brooke Sheild’s took that spot and ran with it.  I’m not gonna post any pics of Brooke here cause I think we all know what she looked like every second of her life from 3 years old on.  
So anyway – here is lovely Ally…
with “p. 44-47” scrawled across her forehead.  These are the pages with the outfits I really liked.  I guess I needed to remind myself what page they were on cause, what, the magazine is so huge?  Clearly I have been a dork for a long, long time.  

I know we already visited Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific from the August issue – but we’re gonna go down that road again – cause it’s soooo freaking worth it.

Next up is an ad for a product I LOVED!!!!!  Man, I couldn’t get enough of these things.  My sister and I were just reminiscing about them – actually I was, cause I was wishing I had a travel case dealie for some double whammy coconut oil/Bag Balm action.  And this popped into my head.  I remember having a root beer one and a vanilla one and, if I remember correctly, those two were in the same tin.  Oh, Lip Smackers, where are ye?

I never had that spray stuff though.  
Here’s a Cover Girl mascara ad…
with this chick, who was kinda ubiquitous in the 80s.   

And a great Noxema ad with Dana Plato.  
And another Noxema ad with Mariel Hemmingway.  

This one’s great too.  An ad for these teeny bopper romance novels.  I think my sister was into these.  I only vaguely remember having one romance novel – which I think was a Harlequin, with some red headed lady who goes to Ireland and falls in love with the strapping young grounds worker of a castle…of course.  

I think I might just go ahead and break this post up right here – cause there’s still like 10 pictures to post.  But don’t worry!  I’m gonna do it right now – cause I am so jazzed for you all to see this stuff.  Plus I’m sitting in a coffee shop and I have nothing else to do on this hot day.