Before diving into another back to school issue of Young Miss (yes, there’s another one – it’s actually the Sept issue, so it can wait a bit anyways), I wanted to take this opportunity to focus – with a giant magnifying eye – on this very small article in the August 1981 issue of Young Miss.  A little micro-article that forever changed my 12-year-old life.  I think it’s possible that a lot of kids just glossed over this 2-page spread – but not me.  I stared at it for hours.  I stared at it so much I had every pose and item of clothing memorized.  Even the stupid captions have been swimming around in my head my whole life.  Ipes!  Yipes!  Stripes!
So, if you wish to accompany me, we will stare at these photos together.  And then, if you want, you can stare at them all on your own.  Or you can call me up and we can stare at them together again.  
As you can see, the gist of this whole thing is just checkin’ out the chicks and their clothes.  It’s just candids of gals wandering the streets of a few key cities.  But these chicks aren’t your everyday, ordinary girls that you would see at, say, my middle school.  They were way, way, way different.   
I mean, first of all there’s this pirate person…
I guess that’s a chick.  And the asymmetrical shaved head action – wow.  These two blew my mind!  That asymmetrical hair style was actually my very first alterna-style haircut.  I think I was asymmetrical throughout the second half of my freshman year and all the way through part of my sophomore years in high school.  
From that photo I kinda move straight over to NYC.  Most of the Milan kids look like they’re trapped in the 70s and didn’t do much for me back then.
This chick always just looked so cool to me…
Moving on to the second page – we still have the same set-up…Paris, London, Milan, NYC.  So here we go…

Even though they aren’t super crazy different looking – I always liked these two French girls cause they are so damn cute!
That one girls short pants and boots and the way she seems to have tons of layers and stuff going on.  And the look on her face.  Cute!
And I seriously loved these chicks from London.   The mini skirt/dress and the punk chick with the funky hair.  

And even though she isn’t all that different looking – I just loved the tie and the oversized jacket on this Milan girl.

And the same with this NYC girl with the stripes.  I just dug all her stripes and her cute haircut.

So there you have it.  Probably one of the very first events in my life that sent me careening down a the wave-o/punk/goth path in high school.

The second event happened, I think, the following summer – when my mom and dad and sister and I went to San Francisco for a week.  We were staying in an apartment in the Embarcadero neighborhood and wandered out one night to eat and wound up at a hamburger place called Clown Alley.  I tried to find a link for it – but I guess that particular one is closed now.  Anyway, we were standing in line, about to order and there were some small kids around us – maybe they were waiting for their food – I don’t know.  But these two guys came in and stood behind us and looked at the kids and said “Wooooaaah!  Munchkins!”  They were both dressed pretty freaky – one guy had John Lennon glasses and blond dreads, and the other guy had spiky hair.  I was transfixed on them – and I never, ever forgot them.  Or that Clown Alley place.  I even went back when I moved to San Francisco years later.  

And then another time around that same age, in downtown Porltand, I was walking down the street with – I think my mom and sister maybe – and these two punky chicks are walking ahead of us, carrying a boom box type thing – and one tells the other one to put in The Pretenders and for the next 10 minutes I just kept saying “Pretenders, Pretenders, Pretenders, Pretenders” over and over in my head so I wouldn’t forget the name.  

Ok – enough of my reminiscing about random, microscopic punk rock related events of my youth.