I neglected to mention in part 1 of this epic back-to-school-post-a-thon that back to school time has always been one of my favorite times.  Even now, in my 40s, when I see back to school sales on school supplies I get really really excited.  I think partly it’s cause it means that fall is coming – which is my fav time of year – and partly cause I like buying things – like school supplies and new, fall-colored clothes.  But part of is is def due to these two issues of Young Miss – August and Sept 1981.  I have always been in love with the wacky get-ups these girls are in, and the way they all look so freaking happy and confident and super jazzed about going back to school.  They sure tricked me, by gum.  
There is a lot of use of the layered look in these, and the previous posts, photos.  Plus this mismatched pattern and fabric weight style that was so foreign to my conservativ-ish-ly brought-up eyes.  

So far, so good.  But here’s where we start to go a little off into left field.  The hat and the belt don’t really scream “I’m in high school.”  It’s more like “I’m from another country and I’d like to sell you these raccoon tails.”  

And what exactly was Cusi’s motivation in this photo?  I’d really like to know.  Was it High Falutin’ Yukster?  Park Avenue Hillbilly?  Backwoods Mountain Trust Fund Kid?  No joke, if you look up “Yuk, Yuk, Yuk!” in the dictionary this photo will pop up.  I actually had that sweater in burgundy.   

Um, and Janet looks a bit underdressed here in her polka dot sweat-pant jammies.   Kinda like the lower half of her just rolled out of bed and threw on some moccasins.  

Ok – so here we get a little more abstract with just a skeletal outfit laid out on the floor.  At least I hope they weren’t insinuating that we pre-teens and teens should go to school dressed in nothing but tights and shirts and accessories.   As far as I can tell, these outfits also utilize the layered look – which is fine by me.  

And here’s that groovy mismatched patterns look.  Man I wanted to pull that off so bad.  I remember once I went to 6th grade in this blue hued floral and mushroom patterned skirt – now that I think about it I MUST have been trying to duplicate one of the outfits in these issues.   Anyway – I was also wearing a lightweight, below the hip belt-tie sweater that had a completely different pattern – sort of geometric-ish.  PLUS some fake fur, lace up boot of my mom’s.  And I remember that one of my best friends looked at me like I came to school dressed in saran wrap.   That must have been what dashed my devil-may-care fashion sense so early on.  Wow – this blog post is like a freaking therapy session.  Anywho…

Here’s that damn coon-skin theme again.  This must be the trapper-teen look.  Oh, it’s “Wilderness Wear.”  I guess any old wilderness will do – jungle, backwoods…whatever.

Ok – now THESE next two pages actually deserve a blog post all their own.  In fact – I’m gonna do that. I’ll leave them here for you to look at, but I’ll save all my witty commentary for another post.  And you’ll just have to wait a sleepless night (or two) to find out what all the hubbub is.  

Ok – now on with the back to school biz.  Young Miss even put a calendar together for us so that we could count down the days to back to school time with as much fervor as they suggested we should.  I always liked looking at this calendar – but never did anything on it.  I usually just spent the month before school started watching soap operas, playing outside, and sitting around.  I never took an R&R day, called ahead for Dr. appts, started a shape-up routine, started a dog-sitting business or tried to find a long-distance pen pal.  Who had time for that?  Sheesh.   My mom did take my sister and I shopping though – and that was usually a couple hundred dollar blow-out.  Or if it wasn’t it sure seemed like it. 

Also, who’s school starts on Sept 1st?