Does a naked lady eating spaghetti get you going?  Do you have a very loose interpretation of what “Nation” means?  If so you may want to download this fabulous scanned card set that is one of my most prized possessions of all time – the “Models of all Nations” playing card deck – or as I like to call it – the nudie card deck.

I found this card deck in a big box of card decks that my lived-through-the-depression-and-never-threw-anything-away grandma had squirreled away, just in case there came a day that 20 decks of cards were needed.  My sister and I went through the decks and took what we wanted and all I saw at first was the cartoon wolf image on the box – which is the same as the image on the backs of all the cards

I thought it looked cool so I snagged it, and lo and behold, when I took the cards out of the box, I was greeted with these lovely images (I can only assume that my grandmother never opened the box)

All naked ladies doing some sort of fanciful something with some sort of prop.  Also, there is a regular joker with a cartoon wolf that is painting some abstract naked lady or something, and then there is a joker card that is a description of the deck…
“Presenting ‘MODELS OF ALL NATIONS’ Fifty-two modern and distinctive art studies representing outstanding types of beauty.  As sparkling and refreshing as a mountain stream (I’m not joking, it really says that), each subject is the result of painstaking research (seriously, it says that on the card).  These studies are acclaimed as TRULY works of art by connoisseurs the world over.”
WOW.  Painstaking research!  Sparkling and refreshing as a mountain stream!  Acclaimed by connoisseurs the world over!!!   I don’t know what kind of connoisseur they’re talking about though.  Connoisseur of awkward poses and weird faces maybe?  Connoisseur of props that don’t really make any sense?  Connoisseur of nations that don’t exist?  Like the nation of people that wear weird wolf head masks.  Or the nation of people who all wear sailor hats.  I don’t know, but count me as one of those connoisseurs anyway!   

I scanned them at 600 dpi cause I was thinking of making some additional sets for friends and family – cause we’re all a bunch of lecherous so-n-so’s – and I thought I’d share them with you, my loyal viewers.  These photos up above are lo res versions of the high res scans – but you can download the high res ones if you want – with all 54 card face images (52 naked ladies plus 2 joker cards) and the card back – and then you can make your very own deck!!

Download here

PS – Let me know if the download doesn’t work – it’s my first time using Rapidshare and I can’t really tell what’s going on over there.

Link updated again on 4/12/12…….just for you!

Mega Update 5/22/12 – Link updated to Mediafire (yay!) for the time sensitive and feel-good pleasure of everyone involved.